Elva Hsiao’s new love affair with the little 10 years old American guy hand in hand shopping-残清1864

The new Elva Hsiao love exposure and small 10 years old American boy hand shopping – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud news, singer Elva Hsiao (ELVA) and Singapore rich emotional life, in the tens of billions of small Elroy in March after the break, and once spirit cruise foreign man Michael came love, but no how long this situation came again. She recently to Thailand Bangkok, netizens watch and a white male T ten cross buckle shopping, suspected a new love object, this is a small 10 year old American boy. 25 Elva Hsiao was friends witnessed appeared in Thailand, dressed in casual shorts and vest, wearing a straw hat, left hand tightly holding a tall white T male, like a close walk in the streets of Thailand, there is a suspected new communication object. The day before she was drying out on the Internet and male Golf videos, while playing with a happy laugh, also sweet call each other as "King", around the male partner seems to be the same person. The white man was from the end of T is called Michael Chen, the Taiwanese American students, older than Elva small 10 years old, tall and handsome appearance, 2 people seem to have intercourse for a period of time. In this regard, Elva Hsiao brokerage company responded: "the artist private trip not easy to say, thank you."相关的主题文章: