Eight fifteen Chang’an Avenue night is beautiful ekdv-273

At eight fifteen the night is beautiful Chang’an Avenue Tokyo rain, wet Paris, Beijing is now a few points? Stroll around Chang’an Avenue Hutong, hundred years Guhuai out walls, patches of yellow leaves of autumn, Beijing city will fall out very long. The old people in Beijing had to "Peking" in Lao She, a reminder describes his beloved beijing. Through comparison of Peiping and Paris, the hometown of love expression. Fu Chi marketing center director Jiang Shusheng has just returned from overseas, can not help but sigh: the mind of the people of Beijing "Beijing city", generally refers to the inner city, here in Chang’an Avenue, the city of Beijing is the blood flow, the more concentrated flavor of Beijing. Beijing Jinqiu (pictures from the network) Beijing taste in the high temple, also in the alley of the Miao; have an official, also in civilian interest; history, always thrown ripples, both colorful and profound, in sight but only touch the fragment of a highly treasured relic. Looked at the towering walls, the only want to Ban Zhao "Buttercup" and how to put it down from the battlements; through the alley historian, always remember the last century of the Republic of China in 30s gathered the people; to eat a house, they told me this is the private diplomat, suddenly heart marvel. This is Beijing, the history of the meeting of wind and clouds, stirring up at any time in the side. Fuxue Museum (pictures from the network) in Lao She once said: "to Peking" in Peking, it is in my blood, my character and temperament of the city there are many places is given. And this is only the city of Beijing have the temperament "essence", might as well drilling an ancient alley, such as street alley historian, old man may be an old master, a sentence of Beijing dialect Beng crisp bright, sound like gas from the navel to the mouth of the man. Don’t say "tomorrow", and said "tomorrow"; not "strong", but said the body said "hard tough Lang", don’t mention it, this "r-pronounced" sound, this is really the place Beijing flavor. Or find a house nearby to see Chinese and Western, standing in the understanding of the big house. Such as near Chang’an Avenue Changan Taihe, had not met, not familiar with, as you are in London, Beijing at the same time to meet with you together. Here are China red like the warm flamingo, are you attracted to Vienna classical piano ethereal birdseye green, East West rhyme is awakened at that moment. At night, learn Tai master, in a corner, parting the curtains now eight fifteen, the night rushes to outside Chang’an Avenue. Two effect of Changan Taihe [Changan] Taihe figure within the second ring road of Chang’an Avenue, construction area of about 240 square meters bird’s-eye view Ohira layer, invites tasting. Detailed inquiry: 400-819-1111 turn 610226相关的主题文章: