Egypt for reform of the economy back on track to successfully build the new Suez Canal in

Egypt for reform of the economy back on track to successfully build the new Suez Canal – Beijing recently, the Egyptian government began to promote a series of reform measures to boost the economy. The picture shows a bustling market in Cairo. Newspaper reporter Han Xiaoming photo core reading recently, as the reserves continue to shrink, government debt and fiscal deficit in both high and Le exchange rate against the U. s.dollar devaluation and other unfavorable factors, the economic difficulties facing Egypt has become increasingly prominent. Egypt’s ordinary people’s daily lives have been seriously affected. In order to get out of the predicament, restore the economic vitality of Egypt and the people’s living standards, the Egyptian government to promote a series of reform measures, trying to solve the problems facing economic development, access to local people’s support. The most urgent task for the government to restore the economy, facing economic difficulties, the Egyptian government began to promote a series of reform measures, including the implementation of the floating exchange rate system and promoting energy subsidy reform etc.. In November 3rd, the Central Bank of Egypt announced that it would allow Le floating exchange rates, the Commercial Bank of Egypt allowed according to the market situation to determine the free rate, on the same day to $48% against the dollar above. The former Egyptian stock exchange deputy director Mohamed? Farid said that the reasonable exchange rate will lead to some on the verge of collapse or severely hit the industry to resume production, supply and demand mechanism determines the Le exchange rate would also enhance the confidence of investors, helpful to Egypt macroeconomic. Egypt is a big importer of energy, the government has been bearing high fuel subsidies, resulting in a high budget deficit. In November 4th, Egypt began to cut energy subsidies, the subsidies the largest 92 gasoline prices by up to $3.5 or $2.6, up 34.6%. For this series of economic reform policies, the IMF and the Egyptian media positive attitude. The central bank governor Tariq? Amir said: "the International Monetary Fund believes that these measures will enhance the confidence of the Egyptian economy, is expected to promote the sustainable growth of the Egyptian economy, create more jobs." In November 11th, the International Monetary Fund announced approved $12 billion in loans to Egypt, the first $2 billion 750 million loan will be immediately available, the rest will be based on the regular assessment results in the next 3 years on wholesale. Egypt, the stock exchange and the stock market both positive, the stock market turnover is the highest since April 2010. "The gradual stability of the Egyptian social order, the recovery of the economy will become the most urgent task in the future." "Egyptian newspaper" economic commentator Hu Da? Leffert said in an interview with this reporter. Deepen the Reform — show deal with economic difficulties determination of a series of economic reforms such as the rising prices brought about "labor pains" makes the ordinary Egyptians bear heavy pressure, but most of them have expressed confidence in future economic development. Reporters interviewed on the streets of the Egyptian people, said the government has demonstrated to the outside world the determination and ability to cope with economic difficulties. Affected by the devaluation of the Le, rice fish, bus, taxi prices are rising, beef has risen to about $120 kilograms, become a poor man)相关的主题文章: