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Duthel Te first met with Putin has been eager to become a member of Europe: the Sohu news observer network [] according to Philippines’s GMA news website reported on November 20th, held in Peru, capital of Lima Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders on the eve of the conference, the president of Philippines Dutt Stewart first meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Recently, I often see western countries bullying, everyone is a hypocrite." Duthel Te complained to Putin. When leaving for Latin America, Duthel Te said that if China and Russia to establish a new world order, Philippines is willing to join. Since the official came to power, there is the Trump of the East, said the gradual narrowing of the relationship between China and Russia, Duthel Te, trying to get rid of the traditional allies of the United States control. Duthel Te stressed that they seem to want to start a war, but did not dare to go to war; they are like Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iran where the flames of war, the only reason is that weapons of mass destruction; the fact is that there doesn’t exist. Duthel Te and Putin met for the first time in Philippines soldiers were involved in the war, and he was very dissatisfied with the. And Putin said before the meeting, President Xi Jinping and Walter Chinese met again, like always with brotherly China friends. The course of the meeting, Walter praised Putin is his idol. According to Philippines’s "Daily Inquirer" reported on 20, although Walter long of EU disdain Gu, but Putin expressed hope to be a part of the European aspirations. "Even though it’s a long way off, we’ve always wanted to be a part of Europe, and we want to take part in the global business." Duthel Te said. Duthel Te explained that the cold war has long-standing grudges between the two countries, based on historical reasons, I chose the identity of the west. According to today’s Russian website 20 reported that the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, Russia and Russia this year, the anniversary of Duthel Te, Putin is very welcome to have the opportunity to dialogue with the 40. Putin congratulated Duthel Te in May 9 Japan and pointed out that the election day for the Russian people is very special; on that day in 1945, Russia’s victory over Nazi germany. Reported that Duthel Te to President Obama and make impertinent remarks. This paper is an exclusive network of observers, the content of the article is purely personal views of the author, does not represent the platform point of view, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable. Watch the observer network WeChat guanchacn, daily reading interesting articles.相关的主题文章: