Dongpu station, a male passenger suddenly rushed home under the treatment of epilepsy

Dongpu station, a male passenger emergency seizure treatment smoothly under all home information times dispatch (reporter Chen Zidie) the day before yesterday at 6 pm, a male passenger in the Dongpu passenger station waiting, sudden onset of epilepsy, not only convulsions, bite lips got blood all over. Attendant and enthusiastic people to help change danger into safety. The day before yesterday afternoon 5:50, Dongpu bus station security Ling is waiting for the two floor indoor patrol. When he came to the 202 checkpoint, found a middle-aged man with a strange body. "The man’s whole body twitched and slept on the ground." Mr. Ling said, he then call the 120 emergency call, Mr. Qiu security department director and rushed to the preliminary judgment that the passengers were sudden seizures. Qiu said that at the time of the male passenger is the mouth of the blood, because the station is usually carried out on a regular basis first aid training, so Mr. Qiu and Mr. Ling together to hold the man’s mouth, to prevent him from biting himself. But the incidence of men was very strong, two people do not live by him. At this point, next to the masses to see the need to help, have come up to help hold down the man’s limbs, fortunately, there are other passengers to help, I was able to plug into the patient’s mouth hard objects." Mr. Qiu said, then, he will be the onset of male passengers on the side of the body to evacuate passengers to ensure that they have fresh air. About 10 minutes later, the man’s condition improved, and his symptoms were relieved. Qiu suggested that he go to the hospital to check, but was rejected by the man, because the man insisted on leaving, I can only send him on the bus, and asked the driver to take care of him all the way." Mr. Qiu said, the night before 8 pm, the contact with the onset of man’s family had confirmed that men have arrived in Qingyuan. (reported by: anonymous award 30 yuan)相关的主题文章: