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Dongfeng Citroen C6 leveraging the impact of the high-end market Dongfeng Citroen (micro-blog) Dongfeng Citroen C6 market minister Sun Yiwen (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to provide "leading comfortable" quality of life vehicles Tencent automobile: very honored this interview to the Dongfeng Citroen marketing department minister Mr. Sun Yiwen. In accordance with the practice, first of all, please introduce the 19 Chengdu International Auto Show Dongfeng Citroen strong lineup. Sun Yiwen: the first is C6, this new generation of Dongfeng Citroen flagship model will be listed in October, which is an important debut before the listing. We at the Chengdu auto show officially released the car positioning and core selling points to help consumers understand the product. C6 this car is worth to see, it is worth the consumer to understand. The other two are also very worthy of attention, C4 (ginseng, Sega pictures, inquiry) Yuexin version of the market, in terms of safety is blameless; C3-XR1.2THP national debut, the car is the Dongfeng Citroen’s SUV rising star sales than last year, an increase of 35%. In November this year will be officially launched 1.2TPH models, but also some appearance customization, will be more and more in line with the needs of young people, will give consumers more choice. (Dongfeng Citroen booth embodies the brand younger with rich color, in the booth) characteristics, careful consumers will see the entire booth design concept and the Beijing Auto Show (micro-blog) to maintain a high degree of consistency. The Citroen brand is becoming younger, have a very concrete and visual expression in the booth, such as suspension of the word color is very rich, we usually understand the red and white Citroen will be more colorful place. In addition, the scene has C6 cutting car ramp display, like a convertible car, to help you from a very far place on the one hand, it is a new luxury car. Tencent Dacheng car: Citroen is the history of luxury cars, in 1928 launched the AC6, Dongfeng Citroen now has a flagship high-end sedan C6. You can give users a detailed description of its history? Sun Yiwen: talk about a premium car, or to tell the future with history". When it comes to Citroen, it’s Andre · Mr. Citroen, he’s a legend. Citroen established the Citroen company in 1919, has been hoping that through a luxury car to change Citroen only make cheap Volkswagen brand image. In 1928 Citroen launched the AC 6, AC on behalf of Citroen founder Andre ·, Citroen’s initials, and the number of cylinders on behalf of 6. Launched the following year, AC6 changed to C6, so far has been more than 80 years. The car’s golden age in the middle of the last century, De Gaulle for the first time using C6, including French President Pompidou later took the car as the president of the car. Prior to the different versions of C6 came to China, there are a lot of iron powder love this car. This year, the final realization of domestic consumer service for China, which is a very historic thing. Tencent Dacheng automobile: compared with the same level of products, the core selling point of C6 where.相关的主题文章: