Do you have a good marriage after you get married Many people see, tears-candle june

Do you have a good marriage after you get married? A lot of people saw the tears of public concern, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: wonderful three brothers sometimes calm down to think carefully! Get married, get what, will suddenly very confused. For him, left the parents, brothers and sisters, followed him to his world, hard to please his family, but also with a smile! Like a lost child, to subvert the more than and 20 years of life. In order to marry him, pregnancy in October, birth, willing to accept that he could not imagine the pain, only to give birth to a child with his surname. Then, very realistic, body deformation and sagging breasts, he will suddenly abandon? For him, for the sake of the children, and even you away from your circle of friends, said silly three years to have a child, you are like a silly woman like to serve children’s eating and sleeping at home, then eagerly waiting for him to come home. For once, you have pride, you also have a dream, you have the beautiful flower, finally you did not do, no allure, but you pour all your. For his humble genuinely and sincerely. Nothing was wasteful, but you, because you have no income, even the money is lest he feel you tremble with fear, spend more. You start to buy food to buy clothes to learn to bargain with the business, and these, you have so dismissive. Once the pride and finally, even the contraceptive such a thing is to face to the woman, or the ring, or ligation, there are several men willing to ligation for his woman, less and less. Women deserve all these sins? Whether the man will love you all? He may take it for granted, because you are his lawful wife. He is in your monthly days that give you the washing feet? When you are sick, coax you, care about you? Whether he will inadvertently bring back to you for a long time you want to always do not want to buy things? He will not give money to you, say what love just buy me a woman should never be poor? Women love romance, women care about all the minor details concern, your men do? Perhaps his pay all over, he can go home do some housework, even with you to coax children, he is the outsider standard model husband. He might think that I’m tired of working all day, and he can’t even imagine how a woman’s Day is spent. Marriage to women, is negative. More tired, less freedom. More than the burden of responsibility, less wayward qualifications! After reading this text, suddenly a little distressed… So women do not love themselves, no one will love you! Remember to clean up their appearance and mood, nothing more than look at the mirror, dress up their own, how are you today? (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: