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Business Cartier three-ring ring (Cartier Trinity) series recently introduced its diamond series, the market priced at $(1.44 about 10 million yuan). The diamond ring on February three-ring New York fashion week Phillip stylist 2009 appeared for the first time on the show, now to the public. Cartier was launched last year in "LOVE (LOVE)" series jewelry, be.e the hot collection. Trinity and Cartier, is also the most prestigious Trinity Ring in 1924, to be.e the hottest Cartier since classical money. The Trinity, ring (ring) by Cartier three-ring founder grandson Cartier depend to him personally design, the talented Cocteau friend, French poet Jean, namely to symbolize the friendship between special. Jewelry by Cartier has be.e legendary. Some of its creations have achieved mythical status, including the famous Trinity ring, gleaming with three types of gold, the Love bracelet and the Tank ring. Beautiful and refined, these pieces captivate the eye of the beholder. The earliest classical money three-ring ring from three different material .positions: on behalf of friendship, loyalty to represent the platinum, gold and love rose gold. Three ring around together, says three is eternal. Now the launch of new ten million diamond three-ring series is undoubtedly the series luxury upgrade edition, strong investment value. Rediscover the fabulous inventiveness of luxury jewelry by Cartier. Its master craftsmen bring out the magic of gemstones and precious metals, creating pieces of timeless beauty that are the quintessence of luxury. Cartier is famous for its stunning rings, but its earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and brooches are equally worth discovering. Many steps are involved in creating a piece of jewelry by Cartier. From the original design to the final polish, each piece is crafted with scrupulous care by artisans that are both qualified craftsmen and talented artists. It takes years of experience to be.e a master gem-setter or polisher. For a very select and happy few, Cartier creates unique, highly sophisticated and extremely valuable pieces that require months of work. SFYH.. provides various luxury jewelries for you to choose. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: