Diaoyutai brand flagship store grand opening – Qian Tang shore Sohu bleep

"Diaoyutai" brand flagship store grand opening – Qian Tang shore Sohu   November 5, 2016, Chinese — Hangzhou Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group "Diaoyutai" brand flagship store – Hangzhou sea Diaoyutai hotel in Hangzhou today the grand opening ceremony, all guests and media from home and abroad gathered in Qian Tang River, to witness this important moment. As the Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group’s latest masterpiece, Hangzhou sea Diaoyutai Hotel represents high Chinese courtesy, the opening of its new interpretation of the Diaoyutai hotel brand philosophy, the world from China Top Class Hotel brand appeared in the history of the development of the hotel China wrote a thick and heavy in colours. Chinese and Western integration to create brand of Top Class Hotel Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group has a global reputation of the MGM (MGM Grand), Polaroid Scarlett (Bellagio) and from Chinese, on behalf of China courtesy of Diaoyutai (Diaoyutai) three high-end hotel brand. Since its inception in 2007, the group will China cultural heritage and MGM entertainment Diaoyutai brand vitality gene integration and innovation, to create a distinctive hotel products, style and location of their own, brought hitherto unknown experience for the guests. Both represent the vitality passion of the MGM Sanya Resort Hotel, transfer China courtesy of Hangzhou oceanwide Diaoyutai Hotel and Chengdu Diaoyutai The Inn Boutique, with service experience and exquisite pleasure of the acclaimed. The group is located in Shanghai the Bund Shanghai Suning Polaroid Jia Hotel is located in Germany and Frankfurt Diaoyutai hotel is also in 2017 grand opening. Based on the China, facing the global Diaoyutai MGM hotel group director and deputy general manager Liu Yaning said: "as a leading international hotel group, we have the advantage of not only out of the ordinary, Chinese has 800 years of history and cultural heritage of the" Diaoyutai "gene, at the same time into the" mirage "of international hotel service experience. Based on our China, facing the world, committed to the famous MGM and Scarlett Polaroid brand into the Chinese, let the world know more about contemporary China extensive deep culture and elegant and delicate service concept." "Diaoyutai brand is one of the main thrust of this hotel brand, she mixed Chinese courtesy service essence, and learn the advanced management concept of World Hotel brand. We are committed to build a brand from the Diaoyutai Chinese world Top Class Hotel brand, let more people know from China culture and service reputation Chinese long ancient charm, passing a state of ceremonies hospitality in the world a refined pleasure of poetic minds, "Mr Liu Yaning added. The witness of history, the grand opening in the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou sea of the Diaoyutai Hotel, Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Group executives and board members were at the scene to participate in the event, Mr. Zhang Junsai of director of Diaoyutai Hotel Management Bureau, chairman of the board of directors, MGM Resorts International CEO Jim? (James J. Murren) Ren Mu Mr, President of MGM International Resort Group Bill (William J Hongbake?.相关的主题文章: