Deyang seventy uncle illegal to turn the fence across the street had died of brain overflow (video)-519697

Deyang seventy uncle illegal to turn the fence across the street on Friday hit and killed the brains spillover (11 days) in the morning, Taishan North Road crown Lights Road overpass, a seven year old man crossing the road irregularities in the central isolation barrier, by a passing small SUV knocked down and killed on the spot. He climb the fence, there is a clear ban over the fence "logo on the reporter on the scene, there have also been pedestrian crossing over from the side fence, very dangerous. At the time of the incident, the seven year old man to climb the middle of the road isolation barrier across the street, he just turned over, a white Chevrolet SUV along Taishan route south to North Road, the bike hit, immediately stopped, the car hood knocked sag a chunk, the old man was knocked down in the car front side head brains, bleeding, overflow. After the accident, the driver immediately called the police, all the way to the city’s five hospital medical staff rushed to the rescue, but still failed to save the lives of the elderly. Nearby people have to reflect, because the road is on the side of the five hospital and bus station, the other side is the Stone Park, people usually think go too far from the sidewalk, for the convenience of directly over the fence across the street. But for this convenience, climb the fence of traffic accidents caused here has become the norm. In an interview with reporters of the scene of the accident, people still continue to ignore warning signs for adventure over. A reporter to interview over the fence Uncle Chen, he said his wife on the opposite side of the five hospital dying, did not empty so far across the street, they would not want to live. It is understood that the city traffic control department also sent this persuasion, but the persuasion effect is not obvious, many people did not listen, let the law enforcement police also feel very helpless. Traffic police tips: the majority of people should try to take the zebra crossing and underground pedestrian passage, especially the incident is a downhill road lane, the speed is faster, one does not pay attention to traffic accidents. Crossing the road, turning fences and other acts, not only in violation of traffic regulations, will lead to public condemnation and related penalties, but also very dangerous, it is possible to pay the cost of life. Deyang City radio and television (micro-blog) reporter Lin Yongbing Liu Jin Jing terrace editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading a drunken man across the road the driver killed pedestrians who bear responsibility?相关的主题文章: