Deputy director of the Anhui Zongyang County People’s Congress Lv Zhengzhong discipline checked in g-kimi wo omou melodi

Deputy director of the Anhui Zongyang County People’s Congress Lv Zhengzhong discipline checked in general engage in canvassing the day before, Anhui Tongling City Commission for Discipline Inspection and severely punish the deputy director of the Zongyang County People’s Congress Standing Committee Lv Zhengzhong in the general election to engage in canvassing activities of non serious disciplinary cases. The investigation, Lv Zhengzhong as deputy director of the Zongyang County People’s Congress Standing Committee candidates, respectively, on the evening of January 14, 2012 in Zongyang County, Wanyuan International Hotel, on the evening of January 15, 2012, Hengyuan Hotel hosted part of the Township People’s Congress delegation consists of 12 tables, engage in canvassing activities outside the organization. The two dinner costs after the Zongyang County family planning commission public funds reimbursement. In addition, Lv Zhengzhong also has not declared to the organization of personal property matters, the use of public funds to the relevant units and personnel gifts, taking advantage of his position to facilitate the illegal possession of public funds, conference fees, transfer of resort to deceit accepting illegal gifts and other violations of discipline. The Standing Committee of the Tongling Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and approval by the Municipal Standing Committee, to give Lv Zhengzhong expelled from the party, demoted to clerk; at the same time suggested that the relevant departments to revoke the post, Lv Zhengzhong of vice director of Standing Committee of Zongyang county from the county people’s Congress office. Lv Zhengzhong canvassing activities outside the organization is a serious violation of the party’s political discipline and political discipline, a serious violation of Party discipline and discipline, serious damage to the electoral system of people’s Congress of the major cases, the nature of the bad, very bad influence. The handling of the case fully reflects the firm determination of the party canvassing bribery "zero tolerance", reflects the municipal firm is the wind Su Ji, a strong will to fight against corruption. Severely punish party members and cadres discipline violations, and unswervingly punish corruption, our party has always adhered to a clear-cut political stance. Everyone is equal before the party discipline, regardless of what people involved, regardless of how long after, as long as the breach of Party discipline, will be resolutely investigated in the end, will not be tolerated.   focus on the change of phase, are often run to the wind, wind, wind and other intercede canvassing bribery and corruption unwholesome tendencies of the period, the case once again sounded the alarm for us. Party committees (party) and discipline inspection and supervision organs should strictly implement the overall requirements to the election of the work in this case, learn profound lessons, learn a lesson, giving top priority to strong political awareness and careful organization deployment, do serious work of the election. To strictly carry out the ideological and political. Adhere to the party’s political discipline and political rules in the first place, continue to enhance political awareness and political discernment, resolutely safeguard the centralism, and consciously safeguard the authority of the municipal Party committee, to ensure that government decrees. To strictly implement the responsibility. Resolutely implement the comprehensive strict responsibility, to further strengthen the main responsibility is the first responsibility, must defend their conscientious consciousness, to strengthen the leadership of the party throughout, earnestly strengthen the leadership core effect. To strengthen discipline constraints. Strict implementation of the provincial Party committee put forward the "five strong" and "five checks" and "three three" "three" and "Three Guarantees" requirements, further strict discipline, and resolutely put an end to canvassing bribery and other violations of discipline. To strengthen the warning education. In strict accordance with the provincial Party Secretary, comrade Li Jinbin put forward the "four must see" four will talk about requirements, carry out the discipline of propaganda and education, and guide members.相关的主题文章: