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To further promote the agricultural supply side structural reforms – Inner Mongolia channel — Xinhua news agency in October 7,   Changchun; Wang Yang, vice premier of the State Council from 6 to 7 in Jilin Province, the research of agricultural and rural work. He stressed the need to promote structural reform of agricultural supply side, is a major measure to improve the overall efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture. We should conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to steadily promote the grain price formation mechanism reform and storage system, take the market demand as the guidance, to speed up the adjustment of agricultural production structure, product structure and industrial structure, promote the steady development of agriculture and increasing the income of farmers. Deep ocean Longtan District of Jilin City, to the fields and harvest corn farmers understand sales, and large grain cooperatives, to promote grain production and the effective way to promote structural adjustment, to the grain storage and processing enterprises, understand the acquisition autumn preparation and food processing operations. He stressed that the adjustment of agricultural structure should adhere to the market demand-oriented, play the comparative advantages, the development of green agriculture, brand agriculture, grain producing areas to improve food quality, vigorously develop the deep processing of grain, promote food planning, breeding and development, promote the integration of development of the 123 industry. Should pay attention to play an exemplary role in promoting cooperatives, professional large new business entities and leading enterprises, strengthen information service and technical guidance to farmers, respect the dominant position of farmers, to prevent the administrative order whim". To improve the comprehensive grain production capacity, strengthen the construction of high standard farmland, improve agricultural production conditions, strengthen agricultural science and technology support, adhere to the basic line to protect national food security. Wang Yang stressed up separation "as the core of the corn storage system reform to" market pricing, price, agricultural supply side structural reform. Local governments at all levels, circulation and processing enterprises, farmers have consensus on reform, farmers were prepared, enterprises have bought into city, the reform is safe start. The market and price changes brought about by reform have promoted the adjustment of agricultural structure and promoted the development of grain processing industry. The main grain producing area of Northeast China should earnestly implement the responsibility, improved measures, actively guide market expectations, set up food production and marketing cooperation platform, encourage diverse market players to enter the market, proper arrangements for the acquisition of money, to maintain a good market order of acquisition. To honor the policy as soon as possible, to protect farmers’ grain yield. "People’s Daily" (08 October 2016 02 Edition) (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang)相关的主题文章: