Dead Sea pomfret in Ningbo large scale artificial breeding success-segotep

"Dead Sea" pomfret in Ningbo large scale artificial breeding success in the day before yesterday, indoor breeding pond aquaculture demonstration base in Xiangshan pomfret pomfret, alive and kicking. Reporter Wang Yuanzhuo correspondent Wang Huyu taken the day before yesterday, boiling in Ningbo Xiangshan at the Ningbo University, "the East China Sea pomfret industrialization project research and demonstration of early technical inspection site, people surprised to find that the" Dead Sea "by artificial feed pomfret! Pomfret thorn soft and delicious, rich in nutrients, is one of the main fishing targets at sea. But the last century since 90s, due to overfishing and environmental degradation, resource decline rapidly pomfret. Before 2010, the East China Sea Pomfret annual output can maintain basic in more than 100 thousand tons, while the amount of fishing in Zhejiang in 2013 in Pomfret for 85 thousand tons, nearly 33% less than 126 thousand tons in 2009, and the annual decline of about 10 thousand tons, resource view system can not fundamentally change the silver pomfret. The East China Sea pomfret is an important fishery resources in Ningbo, 10 years ago, the Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the city of ocean and Fishery Bureau began looking to deploy. Taking Ningbo University as a research unit jointly presided over the silver pomfret, East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Ningbo marine and Fishery Research Institute, Zhejiang University and a number of enterprises, since 2000 the inherited load "pomfret artificial breeding technology research" "pomfret artificial breeding technique of" science and technology project; in 2015 will be included in the "13th Five-Year" marine Ningbo pomfret germplasm one of the four major projects of local characteristics of aquaculture species, set up a special major science and technology projects, the East China Sea pomfret industrialization research and demonstration of early technology, the project conducted by the Ningbo University, Zhejiang University and other four units jointly shared. Previously there are no international large-scale artificial farming were precedent, Ningbo University professor Xu Shanliang as the main person responsible for the project team became the first person to eat crab". In June 2000, Ningbo University researchers used eggs of wild silver pomfret fish get fertilized, the completion of the first artificial breeding for newly hatched larvae of hundreds of thousands of silver pomfret, tail, bred fish tail nearly 1000. However, the road of artificial breeding long and hard. Pomfret refuses to accept breeding, selection, feed enzyme preparation, environmental disease to overcome every difficulty let researchers exhausted. After 16 years of exploration, yesterday, in the indoor breeding pond Xiangshan pomfret breeding demonstration base in the 10 thousand or so in the tail pomfret tour, the researchers pulled out one of the largest up to 245 grams. No artificial breeding pomfret spell broken! Experts from Chinese Fisheries Science Research Institute, the National Fisheries Technology Extension Station, beaming. But experts believe that the real pomfret industrialization, we must further technical research, especially in the category of disease prevention and control, stability and other aspects of the development of artificial diet is still a long way to go. Xu Shanliang and other core members of the project research, said they will strive to complete scientific research, so that the people of Ningbo to raise their own fish this really on the table. Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Bureau researcher Sheng Deqing said, artificial farming were the successful realization of industrialization, can greatly reduce the market price, so that more people can enjoy the seafood products.相关的主题文章: