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Day 135: Slovenia city Piran night at the second season: the European November??? 8??? 2016. Spain? Barcelona has run over the wheel: Hangzhou (starting) – Inner Mongolia (exit) – Russia – Finland – Sweden – Norway – Denmark – Germany – Holland – Belgium – Germany – Austria – Slovenia – Italy France: Spain, currently in Spain. Barcelona wanted to go to more distant: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, welcomed the occasional Oh ~ Iniesta and twilight to the ancient city of Piran sunset is always the most beautiful, but always in a hurry. When I from the winding maze of the ancient city, touch the parking lot at the foot of the wall to Piran, a pair of invisible hands, have been quick to discredit the world, as the moment fell into the dark box. The central square area leaving the flagstone alley winding, into the wall to Piran slopes upward, around almost dark and quiet, but not far from the parking lot a few lights will not fall into a fear. I carefully put the huge SLR camera in the bag, clip in the armpit, to speed up the pace of steep climb. Use cloth bags with SLR camera, is a stupid way I feel most probably it did not actually happen, because the professional photography package too bright. Buy this bag of Munich bazaar, brown black backing, painted with the cat, walk in the armpit clip, plus my gray dress, looks like a mother to buy food — almost like this, should be relatively safe. "Shua", in the parking lot entrance, a man’s clothes and over, I instinctively turned and did not hit. The town at night, almost no what people can actually hit me in such a sparsely populated place, this man is a lost soul? I couldn’t help looking at him with the light. The other side is a middle-aged man, wearing and appearance are not any characteristics, is the kind of people in the crowd is particularly easy to hide, but the face is a bit of a hurry. "Strange!" My heart can not help muttering, in this leisurely Town, rare to see people in such a hurry. The man walking a few steps, he also stopped to look back at me, there is a thoughtful look. Back to the car, a look at the time, only seven points, the night has been so strong. Stomach growling, I took off the apple water flush, standing in front of it and started eating. My car is parked in the parking lot of the central road, a light shining on the front, I look to the inside, the car can see clearly. That’s not good. I’m going to sleep in the car at night. Slovenia was a complete surprise (next time write for some reason), and to the ancient city of Piran is entirely on a whim, because it is not on the way to Italy Venice, but in a tip of the peninsula, here come — that need special detour throttle ready to go to Venice, turned the direction of the doings of ghosts and gods. Which is here. Due to the temporary decision on booking temporarily set a Cheap Hostel, to the maze of the ancient town of Piran, was forced to find, so decided to camp at night. Choose camping, a former?相关的主题文章: