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In some areas of the city water supply for the city today tomorrow step-down power supply company Dandong line construction, water power, scheduled for November 10 4:00 10 – 22:30 landscape district dragon, Badaogou, Xiaodonggou, temple, qidaogou, silk factory building, fourth bridge area, the families of gold village and other areas without water. Affected by the construction conditions, the restoration of water supply time may be ahead or lag, the majority of users hope to do well water storage preparation. In order to ensure safety, please shut off the tap in this period, so as to avoid waste or loss of family property when restoring normal water supply. Dandong city water supply company in October 8, 2016 with the road reconstruction project, scheduled for October 11th 12:50 – 16 when the city’s gas step-down gas supply. Under the influence of construction conditions, the recovery of gas supply time may advance or lag, so that users are well known. Customer service (repair) Tel: 3117777. Reminder: use gas must remember, gas fire plug to close. Dandong Gas Corporation, October 9, 2016

丹东部分地区今日停水 明日全市降压供气因丹东供电公司线路施工、水源地停电,定于10月10日4:00——22:30山水龙城小区、八道沟、小东沟、城隍庙、七道沟、绸二厂家属楼、四道桥小区、元宝新村等地区停水。受施工条件影响,恢复供水时间可能提前或滞后,望广大用户做好储水准备。为确保安全,请您在此期间关闭家中水龙头,以免在恢复正常供水时造成浪费或家庭财产损失。丹东市自来水总公司 2016年10月8日为配合道路改造工程施工,定于10月11日12时50分—16时全市煤气降压供气。受施工条件影响,恢复供气时间可能提前或滞后,望用户周知。客服(报修)电话:3117777。温馨提示:用完煤气要切记,煤气火栓要关闭。丹东市燃气总公司 2016年10月9日相关的主题文章: