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Customer bank cheated buy insurance refund found in the contract for a period of 104 years – September 17th financial Sohu, Ms. Liu along the street, (WeChat: qianjieyihao) in 2011 June, reflect, she bought the Sino Life Insurance Company Ltd in the Agricultural Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as the life life insurance) a person at that time to sell insurance products, insurance products Liu Ms. Liu, in each of the last 5 years to pay 20 thousand yuan, can take 100 thousand of the principal and dividends. Liu provided the contract shows that the insurance contract for up to 104 years, June 7, 2115 for the expiration date of the contract. Recently, Ms. Liu would like to have to pay back the principal amount of 100 thousand yuan, but the life insurance policy can only be informed Liu Yuan out of $98 thousand. Agricultural Bank Chinese Xicui Road branch that Liu buy products is the agent of the insurance products. A client manager of life insurance Beijing branch told Qian Jie 1 (WeChat: qianjieyihao) reporter, Ms. Liu is currently to retrieve all the principal behavior belongs to surrender, only according to the current value of the cash refund of insurance products, so it can’t be a full refund. Bank deposits are persuaded to buy insurance products, Liu said, in June 2011, she took 100 thousand yuan to go near the Agricultural Bank of Wanshou Road branch Chinese (later relocated to Xicui Road Branch) to save money. To the bank, listen to Liu said to save money, a woman looks like more than and 30 years ago to introduce life insurance to its introduction of an insurance product, said the insurance product revenue higher than bank deposits. The woman said, Liu every year just to pay 20 thousand yuan, 5 years in a row can be removed after the principal and income, "she said when I was only 20 thousand, hand in the remaining 80 thousand can deposit to the bank, both sides can make money." Liu recalled, at the time of its introduction to the staff wearing the bank insurance products, the woman will take it to the bank for the VIP room to introduce products, but also to their calculus gains, "she had also said that 5 years after the expiration of the period of payment, can make the principal and bonuses back". Ms. Liu said, she is in the bank for business and personal insurance cover is the Agricultural Bank of Wanshou Road branch Chinese "chapter," because I didn’t trust the bank bought the insurance products". As of June 2015, Ms. Liu has been paid for 5 consecutive years, a total of $100 thousand. After the payment date last year, Liu received a phone call from the life insurance company of Beijing branch staff, the other said to allow Liu to the company gifts. Liu said, she was ready to take out 100 thousand yuan of principal, but to put forward the idea of the company, the staff said it will take 5 years to get back the principal Liu, and advise them to continue to buy the company’s insurance products, Ms. Liu did not agree. In September 17th, Ms. Liu and life insurance Beijing branch of communication, the other said that if Liu to take the money, it can only get 98 thousand yuan, Liu said can not understand why the 100 thousand yuan in the insurance company put six years, but now even the principal are taken out, but also take into account 2000 yuan. Protect.相关的主题文章: