Cui Shunshi was accused of using the profit of 80 billion won and park.-8l9840

Cui Shunshi was accused of using friendship with Park Geun hye won 80 billion profit original title: Cui Shunshi told South Korean prosecutors investigating alleged use and Friendship Park profit in new network on 31 October, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean President Park Geun hye cronies politics door protagonist Cui Shunshi local time on October 31st at 3 pm to Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office start the survey. It is predicted that the prosecution will focus on whether the investigation of whether the Mir consortium and the K sports consortium privatization, review of Chong Wa Dae confidential documents, improper means to make the Ewha Womans University to admit a number of allegations of its female Zheng, Cui Shunshi. The report pointed out that Cui Shunshi was accused of using and park Geun hye’s friendship, forcing enterprises to the Mir consortium and the K sports consortium invested a total of 80 billion won (about 474 million yuan), and the money to "project cost" in the name. For the daughter of Equestrian Training and other aspects of zheng. The evening of October 29th, nearly twenty thousand South Korean people and non-governmental organizations held a candlelight vigil in downtown Seoul, condemned the "political cronies adverse impact event brings to the South Korean society, President Park Geun hye is responsible for the matter. China News Agency reporter Wu Xu photo according to reports, South Korean prosecutors will investigate whether Cui Shunshi actually received notes, park Geun hye Korean military contact non disclosure content Commission presidency handover information, containing information, Ministry of foreign affairs of the State Council Park trip schedule information such as Chong Wa Dae and government departments to a large number of documents. South Korean prosecutors have mastered the tablet more than and 200 documents. Cui Shunshi’s daughter Jeong by virtue of the Asian Games equestrian team gold medal by the Ewha Womans University to equestrian specialty students admitted, and Jeong was found in the pear enrollment period expires after the gold medal. Therefore, the prosecution will investigate whether Cui Shunshi had to put pressure on the school principals and other school related personnel or commitment to provide preferential. South Korean prosecutors will also investigate whether the violation of the foreign exchange act in the process of Cui Shunshi’s purchase of hotels and houses in Germany and the establishment of a company. Analysts believe that Cui Shunshi will be denied a number of allegations in the investigation. The day before she returned home, his lawyer said Cui Shunshi will actively cooperate with the prosecution investigation, truthfully statement of fact. But Cui Shunshi in an interview by lawyers and denied using the tablet computer, and points out that only private help park Geun hye, meaning no political. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: