Crown crown O’Sullivan three Pobai 6-2 title with Higgins

Crown crown O’Sullivan three Pobai 6-2 Alan and Higgins O’Sullivan (data plan) Title sina sports news Beijing time on November 12th morning, 2016 crown crown semi-final snooker all over, O’Sullivan and Alan in the rocket cannon duel with 6-2 light state brave Matsutori Katsu, Rockets game feeling hot, hit three times and single rod 50+ three times Pobai, make a career single Pobai total to 834 bar amazing. The game started at seven pm local time, the first game after kick-off in defense of Alan taking the initiative, O’Sullivan helpless under the red storm at the bottom of the bag in the bag fell into the ball, Alan attempts to attack failure will stop in the middle ball, then O’Sullivan started to get 17 points, playing basketball after two people began to fight defensive mistakes, several rounds of stalemate after Alan tried to attack the target ball and large deviation results parked in the second half of the cue ball, O’Sullivan once again started a single shot 51 points to win 1-0 lead. The second game of O’Sullivan started the first interrupt after 29 minutes, Alan took the ball hit a single shot 100 from Taiwan equaliser. The third game of Alan scored far red at the bottom of the bag after bag in a partial coffee ball attack the opportunity to leave, O’Sullivan started pole 130 distinguish Taiwan, to rewrite the score 2-1. The fourth game of O’Sullivan started the first 16 points into the defense after a period of stalemate, Alan started to hit a single shot 109 points will be tied the score again. After a short break after the fifth inning, the opening phase O’Sullivan 11-6 lead when making mistakes, O’Sullivan played a single point of 73 points will be rewritten into 3-2 score. The sixth and the seventh game O’Sullivan played a single shot of a total of 124 points and a total of 109 points to break the score of two hundred quickly opened the score to 5-2. The eighth game of O’Sullivan started the first 19 points after a simple red bag at the end of a mistake with the opportunity, Alan started to get 44 points and then interrupt, O’Sullivan defense into the far red thin at the bottom of the bag to get started 78-44 score 6-2, easily win the whole match finals, has joined forces with the wizard Higgins. (a film)相关的主题文章: