Crosstalk master Hui Wanhua died at the age of 88-gamelink

Mr. Hui Wanhua, who lives at the age of, died at the age of 88 (Abstract) according to comedian He Yunwei’s circle of friends and the Tianjin crosstalk radio, the crosstalk master, Mr. Hu, died in Beijing this morning (November 14th). Mr. He Yunwei was back to the Wanhua phase circle of friends back to Tianjin Wanhua Memorial cross talk radio news entertainment news (Wen Er River) Tencent comic artists Mr. Hui Wanhua died in Beijing this morning, subsequently, comedian He Yunwei confirmed the news in the circle of friends. Back to the Wanhua (1928-2016), the stage name "small Wan Hua", female, Hui people in Tianjin. The young relatives opened the teahouse and by the early comic art scene, every day to listen to the book to listen to the dialogue, gradually love on the line, Mr. Liu Wanting took a fancy to comic artists Wanhua have said the comic genius, will return to Wanhua received as a disciple, taught the crosstalk. Back to the Wanhua deep enlightenment teacher Zhou Deshan and Liu Wanting Dodd all Zibei comic predecessors guidance and teachings, Mr. Zhou Deshan often said to live Wanhua. After being taken for Yinv comic artists Zhang Shouchen, in an under the guidance of her comic kung fu skills become increasingly sophisticated, more complete and popular in tianjin. Back in 1952 Wanhua and comic artists Sun Yukui married, 1958 Beijing youth art team, back in 1978 in Beijing Youth Troupe, director of the arts council. Back to the Wanhua during his lifetime in straight man, holding, tease, mud seam, and stand up, for all kinds of comic scripts are familiar with. Comic creation is particularly prominent, the representative of the "five red", "on the map", "holding tease pairs", "bell spectrum", Ma Ji, Jiang Kun, Li Jindou, Wang Qianxiang and other comic artists have used her writing scripts.相关的主题文章: