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The former Crimea attorney general Lenin said the female demon Natalie J. sub clone sikaya original title: former Crimea beauty attorney called Lenin evil disrespectful controversy before Crimea beauty attorney, the Russian State Duma Natalia wave clone sikaya days before Lenin and Hitler known as the "Twentieth Century devil", this time speech has aroused strong repercussions in the Russian society. Itar TASS said 4, 3 wave clone sikaya in his comments on the social networking website of Tsar Nicola S in the movie, Lenin et al. And Hitler. She said that in twentieth Century the demons (Lenin, Hitler) hands covered with blood, but sought after, and much better than them, the second was brutally murdered by the Nicola. These words caused no small shock in Russian society. The Russian Communist Party chairman Zyuganov said that in the Russian national unity day before the arrival of Lenin and Hitler in "absolute provocation". Senator Bie Leo Reijn Orlov sent a letter to the attorney general, requires extreme remarks on the wave clone sikaya were investigated, and legal responsibility. He believes that this statement is in line with the implementation of the large-scale dismantling of Ukraine Lenin Memorial action, public slander will lead to social unrest in Russia and the disintegration of Lenin, is extremely irresponsible behavior. Itar TASS said 4 wave clone sikaya stressed that this is only my personal point of view, the relationship between the United Russia party quickly whitewash and her the matter. Currently, Moscow Kremlin declined to comment on the matter. In recent years, Russian society has always been divided on the historical status of Lenin. Russia’s "life" network reported that the year anniversary of the birth and death of Lenin and the anniversary of the victory of the October revolution, the Russian Communist Party and other organizations will hold various commemorative meeting Lenin. In March this year, when the Russians chose Russia’s greatest leaders, Putin, Stalin and the Chinese side tied for the first place. However, Russian President Putin at the beginning of this year, rare criticism of Lenin. He said that Lenin thought was placed in the Russian building under the atomic bomb, and later the atomic bomb exploded, leading to the disintegration of the Soviet union. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: