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Constellation: Taurus true affection die trying not to say (Figure) I fell in love with the decadence of melancholy Pisces, but I always tell him how I love to chase seniors seniors, I dare not say I love him, and fear will destroy our relations have been…… Sina usakirain users love to say to the constellation Taurus constellation Sina deep death simmering said first saw his nickname: lonely melancholy lonely Pisces ashlander him. I was deeply attracted, I do not know my Taurus empathy or what, he always has the ability to let me again and again for his best efforts to take care of him, comfort him, change him, because he is lonely, decadent, confused. Because I was naive, curious, "promiscuous". Time flows slowly, from no marginal chat to deep inside, gradually know each other, honesty, trust, rely on. Finally know why he is so degenerate, why the youth life is so bleak – all for a girl with my head. At that time, I felt a slight pain in my heart. Because I am a possessive person, I am very angry when I know he always says that I am cute and I am very much like GF! I warned him not to compare me with other women. I don’t upset me so go to pay in return for double position, although at that time I said to him how I chase my fellow students, how I love the seniors. But the passage of time let me slowly understand, I fell in love with him! Fall in love with his decadent, fall in love with him to give me the same decadent song. I vowed to save all he gave me, not ah! Several times almost lost or found back, can be a poisoning of the computer to grasp all the information, including all the memories he gave me! I heartache for several days. Want to ask him again. But in my heart, I felt sorry for the light. Because at that time he was still in my world with a gray fireworks, I feel a little regret to leave a little sweet, the days are slowly, and his days. Maybe it’s only when you have something that you don’t know. A year later, one day, when I was about to spit a sincere when he disappeared, I left him a lot of news, wrote a lot of mood to see him, and finally struggling to send out just, you are". I do not dare to speak out of this sentence, for fear that it would undermine our simple relationship, and I am not willing to. In the absence of his days, I changed, become depressed, gloomy, life is also a chaotic pace, the relationship with the students have become complicated. I was no longer the naive romantic love dream love fantasy Taurus, countless times I looked at the gray head silently pray — where are you? Why don’t you ignore me? I really love you, you quickly on-line ah, because I’m not. So I can’t is my prayer into reality, or dark gray head, I even make blind and disorderly conjectures. Nearly two years, this beautiful episode has been buried in the bottom of my heart. So I love wandering in this world sink.相关的主题文章: