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Constellation: Aries to forget the truth about slag ex mad woman (Figure) Aries and Libra women hand, Aries baby hurt the heart, even after more than 4 months can still think of her, and you wanted to find a Libra girlfriend, only to find her shadow…… Sina constellation netizen xieziyun2 love to say to Sina constellation slag Aries to forget about ex crazy about woman I am an Aries man, I believe the constellation is because I from the beginning to talk about the 3 Scorpio woman. Start two think it is sexual love, because only the bed feels the happiness of love. Usually may quarrel because of a trivial matter. 1 days a little noisy, a big quarrel for 3 days. I am tired, but always give people an apology, but she is more than face. That’s why I broke up, and when I was third, I was just talking about it. I always get along with her on her character according to constellation analysis with her, the result is really good. Then I looked for a Libra, thought it was very good, but…… Of course we have been very happy for half a year, but we still broke up, although on the surface because we are too far away (we know, I graduated from home, she is younger than me at school) but we internal matters is the real reason: I think she is selfish, unwilling to pay. More, love yourself more than love me, but she might think I’m wrong, my good face, I can’t understand her, I love chatting like world! I have no way, although I know that my love is naive, selfish my views on her, she also hopes that, let us create a romantic and touching love together, but now I understand that this is not possible. In fact, I loved the woman she was in the first row, I do not know her now or in the future is not, this is me, a lot of people say I love fantasy, too naive, this will be very sad, I know, but if I really love a person, never the previous love fade. Things over more than 4 months, but sometimes think of her, even with other women date (no way, I do not have a woman really live very uncomfortable, I will be very beautiful, until I find the love). I don’t know how to look after the comments, I say, I just want to keep in mind with all Libra friends said, although I usually still so happy, but often insomnia at night or think, may find a new good girl I love to forget her…… But if it is possible, I still want to find a Libra, just to find her shadow.相关的主题文章: