Constellation sincere words I am a person into the old Libra driver (Figure) oembios.bin

The truth: my constellation Libra is one Norinari old driver (Figure) was! My boyfriend is a Libra obviously before nerd, for me if nearly leaves, who knows after breaking up has turned into the old driver back up me, I want to get married, but he told me that he is really love me or my routine? Sina hangzi911 users love to say to the constellation constellation Libra is my Sina Norinari old driver on the bus last year: he wouldn’t want to get too close, after the movie, he is reluctant to pull my hand; in front of people, one was his girlfriend who introduced a friend; never is neither friendly nor aloof. Indifferent, or even hang up first. I was sick, just a light oh, next time carefully. I don’t remember what’s next to me. In front of people, in front of my friends is also light. But I really love my Libra and together details: in the table, high waist clothes exposed he will gently help me stop; eat barbecue with his friends, he would often give me food; he will pick me up at the station in the middle of the night, love his smile, feel the world is brilliant. Later, we have been endless bickering, has been noisy, to 2 people are exhausted. In June this year, I went to Guilin tourism, and contact him, he is in a very difficult period, he asked if I could go to Wuhan, I did not know, but also face the problem of life is huge, 2 people had a quarrel. Back from Guilin, I changed all the contact information, and decided to follow the meaning of their parents to get married, and then a good friend of mine told me that Libra has been looking for me, ask her to contact me. I do not know why, the initiative to give him a message, ask him if there is any problem. As a result, unexpectedly, he told me that he had feelings for me and that I would regret marrying. Once we made a joke that I was in a taxi, I lost, he was in the city of W, he gave me 3 choices: 500 thousand, my life, not married. I was crying, I do not care about him, but I do not know why there is no sense of security. Later, he came to the city of C, I was surprised to find that he changed too much. This year he will ask me not to eat: and he changed his eating, afraid I do not have enough to eat; I found the bag very difficult will help me to carry the bag; I will top the sun to pick me up from work, and then help me carry things; see his friend, it is natural to hug me, the food for me I want to eat more vegetables, I have a stomachache; at night, he will always use hand to help me with the stomach; he faces the choice, he will try our best to me; he had to leave halfway, for a period of time, he left the night before I cry, he said to me, don’t you cry you cry, I was broken, you like me like a child. Along with the image project is the lifeblood of him will be very childish at any place like a vine clings to me, rely on me, if I go back late, he will send a message to me to go home early, otherwise he will think I am stupid; also said, you are so beautiful today. I am very sensitive to what I said, will often turn over my cell phone, I know that Libra is not willing to express their feelings, but I know, because we both face too much?相关的主题文章: