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[color] 16305th passenger network lottery 3D recommended [3D 2016305th] the summary period lottery prediction: Ten focus on the 023 lottery lottery results for 16304th 3D: 856; even parity; parity form: size and shape: full; and value: 19; span: 3 [and]: the value analysis and value 19, analysis and value trend, and the value increased substantially, this period value and value decline, analysis range 13-19 District trend: 100 [analysis]: the number of lottery period for the even number 8, 100 nearly 10 analysis: 7716085688, analysis of the recent trend, nearly 6 large continuous out 5, you can pay attention to development of large, double recommended 3 yards: 678 [ten]: the analysis of the lottery number is an odd number 5, ten nearly 10 analysis: 8865407505, analysis of the recent trend, nearly 6 size, the probability of agreement The small number, strong desire, double recommended 3 yards: 023 [a] analysis: the number of lottery for the even number 6, a nearly 10 analysis: 9401552616, analysis of the recent trend, nearly 10 parity number out of each accounted for 5, the recommended next concern even number out, double recommended 3 code: 248 2016305th lottery 3D beetle exclusive recommended: 100 direct election: 6 thousand and 780: 023: 248 [Islamic] forecast 2016305th: 100 lottery 3D value 136 lottery 3D 16304th lottery number: 856, and a value of 19, even parity, 220 road 16305th Fu Lin Ismail 3D analysis are as follows: 1 and value Analysis: the period and value out of 19, and the value trend analysis, concern and value points down, the attention point 8-13. 2, morphological analysis: on stage out of all, analysis of the trend, about two small large, small size, small size selection. 3, 012 Road Analysis: the recent trend of the road for the (far – near):012-202-212-020-201-220, analysis of the trend of 012, concerned about the 0, 1 yards out. 4, 16305th lottery 3D duplex recommended: 100 136, ten 248, a 037 note: color off network (Islamic) original, reproduced please indicate the source!相关的主题文章: