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Cold dew: Autumn dew cold cold –   environmental protection — original title: Autumn dew dew: cold cold dew is September of the lunar solar term. Astronomy, the sun reaches 195° when the dew dew to this day is October 8th (the 8th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) at 4:33. "On the seventy-two Hou Ji Jie" said: "September Festival, cold dew condensation, will also", refers to this solar term, the temperature is further reduced, the dew on the grass not only pale, and very cold, is condensed into cream. The folk called "eat dew meal, do not see unlined Han", at this time, Chinese country has fully entered the autumn. The Beijing area is in sight, white leaves, cold cold dew; the southern autumn is getting stronger, its residual and cicada bearing; the northeast and northwest regions is everywhere bleak, see early frost, gradually into the winter. See 24 chant poems of the Tang Dynasty poet Yuan Zhen’s "gas?" September Festival: the dew dew was autumn night, seeing gradually yellow chrysanthemum. Thousands of young leaves, Liyan with Yang wan. Of the birds land clams sorrow, fear of frost. Because of pine Chi, and gray color. In ancient times the dew is divided into three syndromes: "when a goose guests into the waters for birds; two candidate clams; three candidate Huang Hua chrysanthemum." "Hongyan Hongyan guest" refers to the massive Nanqian ("Suiyang") and the rest ("object" or "bird into the waters; accommodation) for clams" refers to the birds into the sea into a clam (autumn cold, many birds are gone, the ancients saw large clams, sea shells appear stripes and the bird is very similar, they are made into the bird); "chrysanthemum was Huang Hua" is said that the chrysanthemum has been generally open. These three things are written in the poem. "Cold dew" season, the weather is dry, cold is getting heavy, "cool dryness" is its characteristic. At this time, enhance the pathogenicity of influenza virus, so we should pay attention to the prevention of colds and flu; elderly people should be wary of cerebrovascular disease, chronic bronchitis and asthma attack etc.. The easiest way to resist the autumn diet is: "to drink salt water, late to take honey", so that it can avoid dehydration, but also to prevent constipation. Commonly known as "a cold autumn rain, ten autumn rain wear cotton, cold dew is such an alternate season, to dress properly thickened, so" dress "is also an important point of health dew. The folk and the body is not exposed dew, dew foot dew ", at this time that don’t like the summer barefoot or wear sandals, against the cold from the foot. In addition, the spirit of caring can not be ignored, because the weather is getting cold, decreased sunlight, wind and leaves fall and will cause a sense of desolation in the hearts of the people, leading to feelings of depression. Chinese medicine has long been recognized that the mountain is the cure of depression in autumn, the second day is September 9th this year the dew of the Double Ninth Festival, the people of Beijing have the custom of climbing or Jingshan Hill, Xiangshan, Badachu, is a good place to climb the mountain festival. Finally, we enjoy a song song "autumn": Guo Yin that borders the quasi olfactory fragrance, petals with true Buddha makeup studio. How many nights can flexor Chongyang, the dew has cream. The Double Ninth Festival folk in autumn riding climbing, and eat Double Ninth cakes and tours chrysanthemum and other activities, the poem said, heavy)相关的主题文章: