Climb a tree class open Northwestern University choose more girls than boys (Figure)

Climb a tree class open Northwestern University: choose more girls than boys (Figure) trees is a science? Yes. Yesterday, Shaanxi Provincial Department of education official micro-blog push Northwestern University "Climbing" course. Of course, it is called the tree climbing, University opened this course for what? The Education Department of micro-blog push "climb a tree class at 9:16 in the morning yesterday, the Education Department of Shaanxi Province, the official micro-blog announced: Northwestern University opened a new year tree climbing course, this course is a graduate student oriented new sports elective course" outdoor sports ", in addition to the ground and experience a different visual experience, observe diversity the ecological system, but also promote the development of the tree canopy. Tree climbing is climbing the tree? Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter walked into the Northwestern University, an exploration of climbing tree movement". The teacher shows 6 seconds to climb 8 meters high in the Department of Northwestern University sports department by two young men attracted the attention of passers-by, they put the three rope in a six storey trees on the ground, but also put the rope, belt, rope buckle, helmet sitting…… Two young men is climbing the tree class professional teacher, a man named Chen Chao, is a member of the International Association of registered arts, tree tree climber; another man named Liu Ge, is China Mountaineering Association of outdoor sports instructors, climbing instructor. Liu Ge said, his specialty is climbing, look like climbing the tree, but there is still some difference, therefore, he followed Chen Chaoxue for two weeks. The speech, Liu Ge will own the equipment with a rope hanging on the tree is connected to climb the tree, soon to crown; Chen Chao is the "static ropes", with feet rope, with their feet on the power wheel pedaling circled, is about 6 seconds. Kung Fu, climbed to the position below the canopy, about 8 metres from the ground. "Too fast……" On the sidelines of the students are issued by the amazing sound. Before climbing trees to assess the environment under the guidance of two teachers, China Daily reporter conducted a climbing tree experience. Chen Chao said climbing trees to see whether the surrounding slopes, puddles, high-voltage wire…… Exclusion of these dangerous, a circle around the tree, see the roots, trunk has no damage, partial crown, twisted, but also has large tree branches, the hornet’s nest…… Third is the assessment of equipment inspection, rope buckle cable is intact, whether can open automatically, helmet, seat belt, footwear, etc. to meet the requirements, finally do the gravity test…… Reporters experience, may not grasp the skills in the process of climbing, upper limbs strength more, climbing to 10 meters by the teacher tired, put down with a rope. Students generally expressed interest in Chen Chao said, at present this course enrolled 24 students, 13 girls, the boy of the 11. Currently on the two classes, from the attendance, everyone’s interest is quite high. The research of analytical chemistry student Liu Meizhou said that on the two hall tree climbing class, I feel very interesting, "I love outdoor sports, hiking ah ah, with the students often have a picnic, but never had knowledge of such professional outdoor." Liu Meizhou said that the first class teacher taught the basic steps, the impressive is the introduction of equipment and self-protection awareness. "The teacher said very comprehensive, listen to know their own in this area)相关的主题文章: