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Artists War is always a defining moment in any nations history. It creates an impact so great that succeeding generations continue to honor the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for the glory of their nation. From Asia to America, the greatest battles have been immortalized by artists who see the importance of maintaining a visual representation of their nations glorious moment. In the U.S., one of its historic periods is the Civil War depicted in various art forms. Civil War Art is a living tribute to this remarkable period in the annals of American history. What made the Civil War unique is that it was one of the first few wars that the general public was able to witness. The Civil War Art was a mixture of artistry and journalism. At that time, the concern of the public was information; hence, there was a need for special artists to cover the events as they unfolded before the very eyes of the public. During the war, the public clamored for information about the fate of their husbands and sons and even the tactics used by the military in winning each important battle. This is the reason why journalists, and even artists, flocked to the battlefields. Special artists were employed by several publications to meet the growing demands of the public; at that time their sketches were considered part of a scoop and not as an art form. It was not un.mon to see their sketches being thrown away after they have served their purpose and some have even taken credit for the works of others. However, although many people may have the impression that the works of art created in this era are pictures of magnificent battles, plenty of artists actually drew tranquil moments in a soldiers life during the war.Eastman Johnsons An Earnest Pupil (The Fifer) and the Girl I Left Behind Me, Winslow Homers The Sutlers Tent and Edward Lamson Henrys Reading the News are just some samples of works that did not depict the battlefields of Civil War. To some, however, magnificent scenes of conflict were recreated: Henry A. McArdles Lee at the Wilderness, and Alfred R. Wauds Lieutenant Bayard Wilkeson are just some examples. The works of art created during this era reflected the tension between the two warring forces: the North and the South, the uncertainty of when the war would end, the concerns about the emancipation and the importance of patching up the differences of the opposing camps. The masterpieces created during this period serve as time capsules that will allow the future generations of America to have a wider range of knowledge about this momentous event in their nations history. These works are proofs that many of their ancestors have braved the battlefields and even lost their lives in fighting for what they believed to be the right cause. Civil War Art gives the American people an image of both the glory and the devastation of war. By learning the lessons of the past through art, it gives the people the chance to rally for the peaceful settlement of disputes. After all, war need not always be the ultimate way of ending disagreements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: