Chongqing is about to bid farewell to the extreme hot weather a new round of rainfall will ease some 海思k3v2

Chongqing is about to bid farewell to the extreme hot weather in a new round of rainfall will alleviate some of the drought – Beijing Beijing in August 25 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xianglin) Chongqing issued a series of 12 red alert, will lead to a round of rainfall. Chongqing meteorological station 25, 2011 news release, the city will usher in a scattered throughout the whole process of thunderstorms, rainfall will effectively alleviate the mild and moderate drought occurred in the 16 counties. Since July 21st, the city of Chongqing sustained high temperature, basically no regional rainfall. As of August 24th, Chongqing, Rongchang, opened in Fengjie, Jiangjin, Chengkou and other 16 counties have mild drought, which opened in Wanzhou, Wuxi, and Wushan 4 counties of local moderate drought. Chongqing City, issued a drought grade in August 24th (blue) early warning information, this is Chongqing’s first release since the summer drought early warning information. According to the Chongqing meteorological observatory is expected today, the night to tomorrow during the day, cloudy and rainy or thunderstorms throughout Chongqing, uneven rainfall distribution, local heavy rain to heavy rain. When rainfall in some areas of strong convection with lightning, short-term heavy rainfall, high winds, hail and other weather showers. Most of the 22 to 37 DEG C, Chongqing Chengkou county and southeast of 21 to 34 DEG C. The main city of Chongqing showers to 26 ~ 35. Local meteorological department predicted that after the rain, the temperature is difficult to break again this year, Chongqing 40 mark. Although the rain is approaching, but the day of the Chongqing district is still shrouded in high temperature. As of 25, when the city of Chongqing, the highest temperature in the county’s 22 districts of more than 40 degrees C (). Relevant responsible person said that the office of Chongqing City Bureau of Meteorology Weather Modification, along with the nightly today to start a new round of rainfall, the Chongqing Meteorological Bureau will carry out artificial rainfall and hail suppression operation within the city. At present, including the main city of Chongqing, the city’s districts and counties have deployed a total of 145 cannon and 129 rockets, experts also 24 hours through the data monitoring radar altitude, once the upper reaches of the artificial operation standard, artificial rainfall operations will begin. The expectation of rain spawned a new set of rumors. The local part of the website and the circle of friends circulated a "tips", said the Chongqing office today held a flood emergency meeting tonight to tomorrow, Chongqing will meet since 1998 the largest rainfall and floods, "remind" you move away from the low-lying place, and adequate supplies of drinking water. According to the Beijing News, reporters from the Chongqing Municipal Office of the relevant responsible person to verify that, this round of rainfall will lead with strong convective weather in some areas of Chongqing, a few mountain or hail, but Chongqing City, today has not held a flood emergency meeting, the news is a rumor, please stop and netizens pass rumors, to obtain accurate information from the official channel.相关的主题文章: