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Chinese marathon ran out of four "Nuggets" wave of entrepreneurial road running – Sohu sports news agency Beijing 18 September Xinhua: Chinese marathon ran out of four "Nuggets" of author Xia Bin in 2016 when the Beijing Marathon (hereinafter referred to as the North horse) qualification "cattle" fry over one thousand yuan (RMB, same below), netizens shouted "North horse hard to get a vote, comparable to the spring", Chinese marathon at the popular level so remarkable. According to the statistics of the Chinese marathon website, in 2016 China will host 186 marathon events, an increase of nearly 40% over last year. In 2015, China Marathon report disclosed that as of the end of 2015, China has 84% provinces and cities have one or more marathon race. The high density of Chinese marathon race, the city is widely distributed, can not be separated from China’s enthusiastic pursuit of running friends, which also spawned four nuggets road. Game operations make a lot of money back in 1981 at the first North horse, only 4 support enterprises, and this year a total of 16 North horse sponsors, and the sponsorship amount increased year by year, the total revenue is expected to hit a record. "North horse is the benchmark of Chinese marathon race, the level of sponsorship fee is sure." Shanghai Institute of Physical Education Research Center for sports vice director Liu Qingzao told News Agency reporters in an interview, marathon number of participants and televised efforts, together with the surrounding publicity, the sponsors in droves. In addition to sponsorship fees, Liu Qingzao also pointed out that the registration fee, government funding and investment companies to invest in these three areas also make the operation marathon profitable. According to the number of years of City Marathon operation experience of vice president Song Hongfei told reporters, sports group, operation marathon is really a good "Nuggets" road, but the operating companies can not simply do the event itself, the future should be the whole industry development, such as providing daily training, to create a social platform of derivative services. Holding a city to attract gold "marathon is not only a city card, but also bring huge economic benefits." Song Hongfei believes that the city is the biggest beneficiary of the marathon. Song Hongfei pointed out that last year the Hangzhou marathon field players over 60%, a hotel near the starting point of the Huanglong Sports Center, the reservation rate of over 90%, 40% higher than the normal period, "not only this one, the surrounding hotel basic occupied people participating, directly stimulating consumer city." Equipped with running business opportunities "for 6 years running a marathon, bought 20 pair of shoes, two GPS watches, clothing, socks, all kinds of equipment on countless." In 2013 a year ran 13 marathon Zhang Jianxin told reporters that the purchase of running equipment is an important cost of running friends, a few thousand a year to spend normal, tens of thousands of also a lot." According to the Chinese track and Field Association released this year, "China’s 2015 running population survey report" shows that Chinese runners spend 3601 yuan per capita. Amazon China 2015 sales data show that compared to the year, online running product sales increased by 300%. Nike as early as 2)相关的主题文章: