Chinese Embassy in Czech held the party invited 300 overseas Chinese New Moon – in boarding-masa-c

Chinese Embassy in Czech held the party invited 300 overseas Chinese in Beijing September in Beijing on the moon – in 16, according to Central News Agency reports, China Embassy in Czech held the evening of September 14th "welcome the national day, celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival moon boat party", nearly 300 overseas Chinese funded organizations, staff and students were invited to board the cruise in Czech, capital of Prague flows through the Vltava River on the moon of all beauty, to celebrate the festive season. According to reports, this is the Chinese Embassy in Czech held the first celebration of the cruise, Ma Keqing ambassador and embassy officials Cen Guoping and Gao Hong, Sun Xiaofeng attended the party. Ambassador to China to celebrate the festival. Ma Keqing ambassador said, history of the motherland 67 years passed, especially the reform and opening up to promote the China surge high and sweep forward, quickly entered the world powers, changed the fate of 1 billion 300 million Chinese. President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit, China is willing to share development opportunities with the people of all countries to achieve common development. She said that this year is a milestone in the history of the development of bilateral relations ZOJE. President Xi Jinping at the end of March on Czech’s historic visit to enhance bilateral relations to a strategic partnership, opened a new chapter in the relations between the two countries. She said, along with Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, three direct route to open the Prague, ZOJE personnel exchanges more convenient, in 2015 the number of tourists to the Czech reached 285 thousand passengers, this year may be high. Ambassador Ma said that the protection of the safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and institutions, is the most important task of the embassy. She hopes to have more overseas Chinese to carry forward the spirit of solidarity, to join the volunteer team, participate in consular protection work. (Huang Pin)相关的主题文章: