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Chinese Bookstores "new" cold can seek a way out? – Beijing, Beijing, Quanzhou, September 8, (Liao Jing) 8 day coincides with the International Literacy Day, in a small street Fujian Quanzhou Millennium Street – West Street, quietly finishing the book Wu Binbin was born in 1990 in a dozen square meters of the house of mustard, apart from a few friends often come to the fixed read. The house is still available for free to borrow a deserted house. The entity bookstore continues to freeze has become an open fact. Only Quanzhou, last year, there are more than and 200 large and small bookstores closed down. A few days ago, a cultural landmark of Fujian – "a store ready Xiaofeng" secretly closed, it also leads to a field with vigour and vitality "public emergency". In a collapse of the tide, the entity bookstore seems to be one of the most optimistic about the industry. Although not the same as ordinary bookstores, bookstore mustard begins with a "new", a business for free to borrow books in the bookstore, bookstores are more second-hand books. Wu Binbin does not agree with the physical Bookstore fatalism, the future of the bookstore is mainly to do business space, paper books relative to e-books, is a humane care. "Wu Binbin said, her from the high school when it is very love reading, but also help students part-time purchasing books, and I just bought the book, she can also by secretly reading again, when books, to make the bed put half of the book. After attending college in Fuzhou, Wu Binbin is still obsessed with reading, often running around the library and bookstores. After graduation, she heard that Quanzhou Street hiding house, will come to the road of entrepreneurship also started her so. In 2013 January, officially opened in the west of mustard house, "reading a book donation, you can book all the way in the house free of charge for borrowing, now has more than 30 thousand library books. Now has more than 800 members of mustard house, from 8 years old to 80 years old are, but also many from Taiwan and Singapore, Malaysia and other places of the book. The house is organized mainly by the non-profit cultural salon, reading and so on, as well as selling drinks, cultural products etc.. Wu Binbin said, although the house is not profitable. But she wants to book business down, although the house can hold on, also by the media attention, but she still believe that the entity bookstore can achieve a good transition, because of her own love of books is complex, because she has seen some of the bookstore business model. Bookstore is located in the west, you can also bridge many of the new formats." Wu Binbin said that the current house together with other space organizations jointly organized activities, has been held for more than and 80 games during the reading will be invited to Quanzhou Liyuan theatre, puppet theatre actor to show the traditional art of short distance. Similarly, Xiaofeng boss Xu Zhiqiang has revealed, Xiaofeng some stores closed due to reasons for store conditions, not transformation to the transformation, is currently working with the Xinhua Bookstore and approached the brand clothing design, or increase the types of books and new business. Therefore, the entity bookstore to explore new formats or become a new trend. Now, the state is right相关的主题文章: