China’s breakthrough in cyberspace defense technology is no longer easy to attack difficult to defen-gigolos

Chinese breakthrough network space defense technology is no longer easy to attack and hard to defend "- Beijing newspaper in Beijing on 13 November, (Lu Xiaolin, Yang Kegong) authorized by the Ministry of science and technology evaluation of Shanghai science and Technology Committee, The PLA Information Engineering University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University and the Academy of Sciences Chinese Information Engineering Institute of the joint research team of national" 863 Plan "key project" research of cyberspace defense theory and the core method of Mimicry "recently validated, the evaluation results are consistent with theoretical expectations. This indicates that China has achieved significant theoretical and methodological innovation in the field of network defense, will break the network space easy to attack difficult to defend the strategic pattern, change the rules of the network security game. Mimicry, refers to a biological simulation of another organism or environment phenomenon. In 2008, Wu Jiangxing Chinese Academy of engineering from the fringe Octopus inspired by dozens of imitation marine biological morphology and behavior, puts forward the idea of developing pseudo computer. Support from the Ministry of science and technology and Shanghai City, the successful development of prototype mimicry calculation principle and selected "2013 annual Chinese ten advances in science and technology". On this basis, the research team for the network spatial uncertainty of threats and other major safety problems, carry out active defense mimicry based on theoretical research and achieved a major breakthrough. The proposed "dynamic heterogeneous redundancy architecture" can be used to change the network space based on the uncertainty of the unknown vulnerabilities to the unknown risk. In January 2016, the joint test verification team consists of 9 domestic authoritative evaluation agencies, to validate the system defense principle mimicry for a period of 6 months of testing, there are 21 academicians and more than 110 experts participated in the evaluation work in different stages. In August 2016, the evaluation committee of experts on the formation of "pseudo defense principle verification system evaluation opinions" think: pseudo defense mechanism, independently and effectively deal with or against the back door vulnerabilities, based on the known risks or uncertain threat. Measured by the system to achieve the desired pseudo defense theory, and the realization of the information system could manage and control it is possible to use "toxic bacteria" component, based on engineering and hidden backdoor vulnerabilities "and" seller’s market "strategic offensive subversive significance. Wu Jiangxing said that China is one of the countries suffered the most serious cyber attacks. According to the national Internet Emergency Center data show that only in 2015 sampling monitoring, China has more than 1978 units of the host was more than 10.5 Trojans and botnets control side control. Due to the use of network defense system is the "acquired immune mechanism", "sheep to fill", almost undefended for perceptual or cognitive network attack and defense, the theory and method of mimicry is able to effectively deal with these known or unknown threats. Wu Jiangxing also said that the pseudo defense theory and method of network space is the common wealth of mankind, this technology China scientists are willing to share with the world, make the contribution for the construction of cyberspace community of destiny.相关的主题文章: