China wearable device shipments surge next year or become the world’s largest market-super bass

Chinese wearable device shipments increase next year or into the world’s biggest market based Tencent [editor’s note] in 2016 to maintain the technology China wearable equipment sales giant on 2017, China is expected to become the largest consumer in the world of wearable devices. In the past year, wearable devices China the sales have increased by nearly 84% in the second quarter of this year, the sales volume has reached 9 million 500 thousand, the growth rate is very alarming, but also any countries and regions are incomparable. IDC analysis of the company released a set of data earlier in the week, and a forecast, according to sales data on wearable devices companies believe that at the end of 2016, total sales of wearable devices can reach 101 million. The company in the report said wearable devices including smart devices, smart watches all the smart bracelet, fitness tracker and smart clothes and so on a series of. IDC analytics company also reported that in the second quarter of 2016, sales of wearable devices increased by an increase of 13.2 percentage points compared with the first quarter. If the next year in 2017, North America and Europe remain the same sales this year, then China will occupy the entire wearable device industry in 2017, 30% of the market. This is not a good news for those who are not located in the hot areas of the enterprise. Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and so on a series of related companies did not seem to realize Chinese this huge market and great potential, the future China compared with millet group, happy heart medical and BBK these local manufacturers of the climatic and geographical conditions, they have more customers for Chinese product experience, can manufacturing as domestic consumers more suitable for their wearable device products. In the past few years, the company has made an unprecedented outbreak of millet. In the past two years, millet group in terms of wearable devices to create an incredible huge sales record, they sold 2 million 800 thousand of the company’s millet bracelet. The sales record also makes the company in the field of wearable devices in the world after the second largest manufacturer of Fitbit. It can be said of many Western Apple Corp is a wearable device manufacturers, only to see a China huge market and development potential of company unimaginable, they in the first quarter of 2016 sales of 400 thousand pieces of the first generation of apple watch. Interestingly, in HUAWEI, millet and other local companies have begun to sell more expensive of smart watches, more functions under the Apple Corp production of the second generation of Apple watch can also hold the first generation Apple watch created sales. Although many companies are trying various circuits or smart devices added to the smart clothes inside, in order to seek innovation and selling more, but what is certain is that the wearable device market is still firmly in the wrist, because.相关的主题文章: