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Chevrolet’s RS motion technology sub brand is about to introduce Chinese auto – Sohu (November 17, 2016) 106 years of racing history, honor Nascar and Le Mans track, with what came to mind racing culture gene brand? On the eve of the Guangzhou auto show, SAIC GM brand Chevrolet announced the world’s sports science and technology sub brands — Chevrolet RS will introduce Chinese, the first shows the sixth generation of Ke Mailuo RS and the new Cruze RS family models, comparable to the movement style design, full of personality and motion control performance of the car and Transcendence of modern automotive technology to deduce the American car authentic movement and modification of culture. As Chevrolet global sports technology sub brand, "RS" means "Rally Sport", to commemorate the birth of Chevrolet brand success on the field and superior handling; at the same time, passion and long-term accumulation of technology involved in car racing also gradually penetrate into the Chevrolet brand production models, "RS" and "SS (Super Sport)" car is the most remarkable representative. "RS package RS" sub brand’s first model source first launched in 1966 the first generation models of komaro. After this, keep version of each generation of komaro RS will become the king of the track, the perfect show remarkable grace, but also for the "RS" brand laid a clear product features — design, performance, science and technology three Chevrolet products DNA inheritance in one gene and show the performance racing spirit of Chevrolet brand. Today, Chevrolet RS sub brand has a variety of global products. The Chevrolet night, Chevrolet first appeared in the sixth generation Ke Mailuo RS and the new Cruze RS family. As a building based on ordinary production models on the sports science and Technology Edition, in the design, a strong sense of movement RS suite were built, equipped with a large size wheel hub is different from the conventional models, bring strong motion attributes from the vehicle details. The Chevrolet RS sport package includes elite unique, unique grille, side protection before and after the siege, tail, double pipe, reducing movement movement suspension, steering wheel, seat leather flat gear hit color material. Each RS models are equipped with a unique exclusive RS logo. In the technology configuration, the Chevrolet RS series will be equipped with ESS smart security package, including side blind spot warning and LKA lane keeping assist, reversing side blind spot monitoring system, the pedestrian safety system, and the distance from the vehicle in front collision warning prompt, show the RS version of the content of science and technology. In the appearance of the RS models, Ke Mailuo RS will lead to the vehicle import way into Chinese, with the ultimate dynamic design, strong motion performance, intelligent technology and equipped with RS suite modification, enhance the personalized and sense of movement, to meet the consumer demand of the sense of self strengthening. The new Cruze RS family as an example of the Chevrolet brand car racing technology sinking, with the track level control performance, combined with the use of the RS suite and refitting technology configuration upgrade, its perfect performance comparable to racing connotation. As a hearing相关的主题文章: