Chengdu planning and reconstruction of the Chengdu center to create 60 distinctive style streets (vi freelander2

Chengdu reconstruction planning "Chengdu center" to create 60 features of Chengdu city streets and pays attention to the protection of cultural roots and historical development of rings has been the great poet Du Fu described a "high Chengqiu from falls, Zashu late phase fans" beauty, let Lu You exclaimed "over an ecstasy" Maha pool, for many years only exists in the city memory. Clear the seven plenary session of the twelve session of the Chengdu Municipal Committee, Chengdu city to build their own cultural heritage and cultural city: prosperity, accelerate the construction of the world cultural city, focusing on the protection of city culture and the historical development of rings, attaches great importance to the city and building blocks to create good, outstanding catch "major projects in Chengdu center construction. Construction of a number of historical and cultural blocks, building communities and cultural landscape with cultural memory, rich era characteristics. Enhance the city heavy feeling, let people remember nostalgia". On the characteristics of the block and the building of the building, Chengdu which clear planning ideas? In the protection and utilization of urban culture, what is the concept of Chengdu? Chengdu Daily reporter learned that the planning department has been selected in the central city of Chengdu can best embody the charm of the four Temple Street, North 60 college street style street, designated "little city Qingyang Temple" 11 features area, establishing characteristic streets protection list, will be incorporated into the scope of protection. The West Branch of Chinese city planning and Design Institute of Chengdu has made an issue on the protection and utilization of cultural planning, according to the hospital city planner Chen Ting introduction, the general idea of Chengdu has changed, before the breakthrough will be "tangible and intangible" apart from protection, only pay attention to the intangible cultural heritage to the material non material protection, but also emphasizes the diversity of human culture. Reconstruction of Chengdu city public activity center to build the carrier from the Sui Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty Maha pool Shu palace, from the Qing Dynasty palace walls and Gongyuan Shiyuan, then to the ticket arches, careers for the country square, to the contemporary Sichuan science and technology museum…… Tianfu Square area today, since ancient times is the geographic center of Chengdu, the political center and cultural education center. City Planning Bureau deputy director Wang Songtao said, they hope to be able to restore some fragments, elements, had the function and trace, in addition to revival of history and culture, also should have the elements of the new era, the reconstruction of Chengdu center. The biggest feature of "Chengdu center" is that it is the carrier of urban public activities." In fact, in two thousand years as a city does not move, do not change the name of the town of historical and cultural city, Chengdu has preserved a small city, Imperial City, big city "three city", "Fu River, Nan River surrounded by two rivers" pattern of the ancient city. Folklore expert Liu Xiaochang introduction, "unfortunately, the old Chengdu" three city "is now only in the literature and the memory, only a small part of the pattern has not changed the street, without a word speaking style and landscape of old Chengdu." "Many street names in Chengdu have not changed from ancient to now, and the street sites have never been moved." Who has edited "Chengdu Street Records" of Sichuan’s famous folklorist Yuan Tingdong said, every street is a product of historical development, is a multi side language, geography, history, "one of the streets in the city, the overall impression of a city, which reflects the basic features of a city the." Preparation of special rules相关的主题文章: