Chen cursor events secret behind the secret charity is not the means to fish for fame-pigeon blood

Chen Guangbiao: the secret secret behind the event charity is not means to face Chen Guangbiao fish for fame charity events must not be sidelined with a "Wen Zhang Xiao Ran Chen Guangbiao:" the top philanthropist "or" cheat "as the title of the song" feature again to push Chen Guangbiao to the public opinion on the cusp. The manuscript detailed disclosure of the Chen promise but not to donate, tax fraud and even illegal use of personal accounts of public offering "charity" the truth, and the charity in the name of building the relationship between government and business circle of profit making history. In the face of questioning, Chen Guangbiao held a press conference on August 23rd, and claimed to have been registered in Nanjing court filing, the official media to court. In fact, Chen Guangbiao is still the first top philanthropist cheat question, as early as 2011 have done a number of media reports of the disclosure of donation amount claims that are false and repetitive computation and not the implementation of other issues. Unfortunately, in 5 years has passed, there has never been a department to make any response to the truth, the crowd is still confused. Time to 2016, the media voice again, as the official voice is still absent, for the truth of the matter, we are still difficult to make judgments. But the so-called There are no waves without wind., so many media have questioned Chen Guangbiao, and it is not just because he is too harsh for the sake of high-profile charity. In this respect personality, personality flaunted personality era, there is nothing wrong with charity, if someone put charity as a tool or a way of earning money fish for fame. In the eyes of some people, Chen Guangbiao’s charity truth do not matter, as long as a trifle, he doing charity, even if he claims to do ten but in fact only one, he is still good, because it is better than not to do, they should be encouraged and rewarded. But things are not so simple, as a public figure for many years to top philanthropist in the name of frequent exposure in the media, its influence should not be underestimated, if he under the guise of charity donation fraud or profiteering solid, then this event itself will Chinese charity cause incalculable harm. Furthermore, the case of Chen Guangbiao and the meaning of Chen Guangbiao is not only a kind of itself, people are still in Chinese society may exist in the surface, but in essence is the enthusiastic public welfare as the fish for fame tools or pocketed a way of earning money, and what kind of social environment has created this kind of person? This is a social problem that deserves serious discussion. Due to historical and cultural reasons, China’s charity started late, the foundation is also very weak, in the 2011 Jocie Guo incident was hit hard. Since September 1st this year, "China charity law" began formal implementation, marking the Chinese charity has entered a new stage, the Chen Guangbiao incident is perhaps the charity charity charity rectification and improve the credibility of the opportunity. Charity is a fragile industry, it relies on public trust and support, for every charity organizations and personnel, openness, transparency is the basic principles of their actions. If China wants to make great progress in charity, it needs to shine into every corner of the world相关的主题文章: