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Changzhou Taipei exploration wisdom pension service   no District enjoy — Jiangsu channel — original title: Changzhou New District as music command platform of smart pension pension service center collects fresh samples of wisdom old home-based care services station 10000 home pension service center for the elderly in an 10000 dinner, a meal to the village gate the old barber "on the 5 yuan duty volunteers at home, enjoy the Tianlun", this is the ideal life of many of the elderly want. In the new North District of Changzhou, this kind of nursing home without walls has become a reality. Home-based care services center built in the District, the old people enjoy buffet, leisure, entertainment, housekeeping, chatting and a series of intimate services at home will be able to. Not long ago, the new North wisdom pension service center just opened, in the area of basic old-age home full coverage, to provide all kinds of help, including emergency call home based care services for the region’s 110 thousand people, at the same time according to the needs of the loading instrument, intelligent home life treasure and other intelligent devices can also be home for the elderly, Internet plus the nursing home without walls was born. Insiders said that the construction of the new North pension model, it is the wisdom of the pension of fresh samples. Out of the door can be aged 68 year old Ye Shurong, who lives in the Pearl River Garden district. Every morning, he will go to the home of thousands of Hehai street Pension Service Center (hereinafter referred to as "an 10000") "". In fact, a nursing home residents in the eyes of an 10000 is built in the doorway. Ye Shurong said that the "work", is the morning with love playing table tennis partner with table tennis, noon meal in an 10000 restaurants, four dishes and one soup, dishes a week not heavy like, as long as 5 dollars. In the afternoon, playing cards with friends. "Close to home here, but also familiar with the neighbors together, very convenient!" Ye Shurong said, an 10000 has become a part of his old life. An 10000 person in charge Shi Lianhua said, an 10000 was founded in 2011, the site houses provided by Hehai street. Old people to eat here, 5 yuan a meal, by the government subsidies to provide food and beverage company $3. At present, the dining card in an 10000 more than 1800 of the elderly. According to reports, an 10000 of nearly 2000 square meters, with chess activities, reading, washing, hairdressing, health, rest and other more than and 20 activities of the special zone, is a collection of entertainment, leisure, learning, rehabilitation, health care is one of the one-stop multi-functional comprehensive care center. The center also set up mutual clubs to provide the elderly with heart care, family companionship and other volunteer services. In addition, for more than 90 years old, an 10000 also offers service packages, including meals, cleaning, chatting, shopping and other services to help the government to give some subsidies. Other elderly people can choose according to their own economic conditions and needs to buy different types of packages. That is to say, in addition to night accommodation, an 10000 small homes a full-featured, open. Home care "river model" according to Chen Guorong, deputy director of Hehai street, River Street has a population of about 100 thousand, of which 60 elderly people over the age of more than 5 thousand and 500. According to the needs of the local residents,相关的主题文章: