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Central bank enlarged trick! The future of the paper currency or it will be replaced by the United States after the election dust settled, the RMB will open the down mode. While we are worried about how to avoid wealth when the central bank has exposed heavy news, your money may be dangerous! The central bank exposed heavy news, the future money disappear? " ten years after the cash is likely not to exist. " not long ago, Deutsche Bank Co CEO John · Crain in Davos recently predicted that the people’s Bank for the establishment of digital currency institute further news sparked heated debate, from all walks of life have to guess the central bank digital currency jianxingjianjin. As of last night (November 15th), the central bank’s "Financial Times" reported that the central bank digital currency Institute preparatory group leader Yao Qian said that the digital currency issued by the central bank is currently the main alternative to cash, reduce the traditional currency issuance and circulation cost, improve the convenience and transparency of economic transactions. However, China’s large population, large body mass, for a version of paper money, small countries can be completed in a few months, China will need about ten years. Therefore, in a long period of time, digital currency and banknotes will coexist in circulation. For ordinary people, the future to the bank to withdraw money, you can choose to change the kind of cash, you can also choose to exchange digital currency. So, some people may ask, digital currency may with electronic payments such as Alipay and WeChat to pay what is the difference? Alipay’s electronic payment, with the transaction of money is through the bank account, which means that Alipay’s money actually corresponds to a banknotes, and digital currency is money. In the actual experience, the digital currency may be similar to the electronic payment method, but there is still a big difference between the two. In addition, digital currency and virtual currency are not the same. Such as the well-known coins and currency in the game is to recharge all kinds of virtual currency. These virtual currencies can only be purchased with real money, not real money. In the world, the most famous is the digital currency bitcoin may, in addition to the "Wright currency", "the dog coins, as well as our country folk" gold coins ". However, none of these digital currencies have a centralized issuer, and anyone is likely to be involved in the manufacturing and distribution in the world. The central bank’s digital currency is issued by the central bank, encryption, the legal support of the national credit. It is understood that, at present, the legal system on the development of digital currency prototype. There is no timetable for when to introduce China’s Fiat currency. Will the money in your hand shrink? Will the amount of money be changed after the issue of digital currency? So we will be in the hands of money due to the issuance of currency and shrink it? In this regard, Huang Zhen, director of the Institute of financial law, Central University of Finance and Economics, said the digital currency is mainly refers to the monetary form, will not cause the currency to shrink. The size of the currency is still controlled by the central bank, and as a result of the issuance of paper money or digital currency is only a change in shape. In addition, Huang Zhen said, now the issue of digital currency is still in the exploratory stage, is a symbol of the value of the currency mechanism of innovation, many problems are still in the study. However, people are more and more inclined to use electronic silver in practice.相关的主题文章: