Central bank inter-bank bond transactions in January 9 trillion and 300 billion, an increase of 127. 长江职业学院成绩查询

Central bank: January interbank bond transactions 9 trillion and 300 billion, an increase of 127.2% in 2016 January financial market operation. First, the bond market issuance   in 2016 January, the bond market issued bonds 2 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 117.3%, a decline of 9.4%. The issuance of 170 billion yuan of treasury bonds, financial bonds issued 412 billion 510 million yuan, the company credit bonds issued 788 billion 140 million yuan of credit asset-backed securities issued 15 billion 540 million yuan, the international agency debt issued 3 billion yuan, 710 billion 130 million yuan interbank deposit certificate issued. In January, the inter-bank bond market issued 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 109.9%, a decline of 13%. By the end of 1, the total custody balance of the bond market was 48 trillion and 800 billion yuan. The Bond Custody amounted to 10 trillion and 200 billion yuan, the local government bond custody amounted to 4 trillion and 800 billion yuan, the Financial Bond Custody amounted to 13 trillion and 600 billion yuan, the company managed credit bonds amounted to 14 trillion and 600 billion yuan, asset backed securities custody amounted to 498 billion 70 million yuan, the interbank deposit managed amounted to 3 trillion and 300 billion yuan. The custodian balance of the inter-bank bond market was 44 trillion and 700 billion yuan, accounting for 91.7% of the total custody balance of the bond market. Compared with the previous year, 1 at the end of the inter-bank market, credit bond holders, commercial banks hold bonds accounted for 34.2%, up 0.1 percentage points, the non bank financial institutions accounted for 12.2%, up 0.1 percentage points, unincorporated institutional investors and other investors accounted for a total of 53.6%, a decline of 0.2%. From the market structure of bond holders, all banks at the end of 1, commercial banks, non bank financial institutions, institutional investors and other unincorporated categories of investors accounted for 59.4%, 9.6% and 31%. Two, the money market operation in 2016 January, the money market turnover totaled 53 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 111.4%, a decline of 22.6%. Among them, pledged repo turnover of 44 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 108.4%, a decline of 22.6%; outright repo turnover of 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 152.6%, a decline of 9.2%; interbank turnover 5 trillion and 700 billion yuan, an increase of 116.9%, a decline of 27.9%. In January, the interbank weighted average interest rate was 2.11%, compared with last month, up 14 basis points; pledged repo weighted average interest rate of 2.10%, compared with last month, up 15 basis points. Three, the bond market operation in 2016 January, the inter-bank bond market bond turnover of 9 trillion and 300 billion yuan, the average daily turnover of 465 billion 490 million yuan, an increase of 127.2%, a decline of 2.5%. At the end of 1, the inter-bank bond index was 171.69 points, up 0.32 points from the end of last month, an increase of 0.2%. Four, the stock market performance at the end of 1, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2737.6 points, compared with the end of last month fell 8 央行:1月银行间债券成交9.3万亿 同比增127.2%   2016年1月份金融市场运行情况。   一、债券市场发行情况    2016年1月份,债券市场发行债券2.1万亿元,同比增长117.3%,环比下降9.4%。国债发行1700亿元,金融债券发行4125.1亿元,公司信用类债券发行7881.4亿元,信贷资产支持证券发行155.4亿元,国际机构债发行30亿元,同业存单发行7101.3亿元。1月份银行间债券市场发行1.8万亿元,同比增长109.9%,环比下降13%。   截至1月末,债券市场总托管余额为48.8万亿元。其中,国债托管余额为10.2万亿元,地方政府债券托管余额为4.8万亿元,金融债券托管余额为13.6万亿元,公司信用类债券托管余额为14.6万亿元,信贷资产支持证券托管余额为4980.7亿元,同业存单托管余额为3.3万亿元。   银行间债券市场托管余额为44.7万亿元,占债券市场总托管余额的91.7%。与上年末相比,1月末银行间市场公司信用类债券持有者中,商业银行持有债券占比为34.2%,上升0.1个百分点,非银行金融机构占比为12.2%,上升0.1个百分点,非法人机构投资者和其他类投资者的持有占比共为53.6%,下降0.2个百分点。从全部银行间市场债券持有者结构看,1月末,商业银行、非银行金融机构、非法人机构投资者和其他类投资者的持有占比分别为59.4%、9.6%和31%。   二、货币市场运行情况   2016年1月份,货币市场成交量共计53.1万亿元,同比增长111.4%,环比下降22.6%。其中,质押式回购成交44.3万亿元,同比增长108.4%,环比下降22.6%;买断式回购成交3.1万亿元,同比增长152.6%,环比下降9.2%;同业拆借成交5.7万亿元,同比增长116.9%,环比下降27.9%。1月份,同业拆借月加权平均利率为2.11%,较上月上行14个基点;质押式回购月加权平均利率为2.10%,较上月上行15个基点。   三、债券市场运行情况   2016年1月份,银行间债券市场现券成交9.3万亿元,日均成交4654.9亿元,同比增长127.2%,环比下降2.5%。1月末,银行间债券总指数为171.69点,较上月末上升0.32点,升幅为0.2%。   四、股票市场运行情况   1月末,上证综指收于2737.6点,较上月末下跌802点,跌幅为22.65%;深证成指收于9418.2点,较上月末下跌3247点,跌幅为25.64%。1月份,沪市日均交易量为2181.6亿元,环比下降31%;深市日均交易量为3238.7亿元,环比下降32.4%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

About 4316 yuan SONY Xperia x open booking in Germany 西南大学育才学院吧

About 4316 yuan SONY Xperia X German open book at the MWC 2016 conference, SONY did not expect SONY to launch our Z6, but to bring the new SONY X XA XA series Xperia Performance. Like Samsung and LG, SONY didn’t give three new machines at the press conference, but it soon got news. SONY Xperia X Amazon Germany, according to foreign media reports, SONY Xperia X and SONY XA has accepted the Amazon in Germany, the price was 599 euros (about 4316 yuan) and 299 euros (about 2153 yuan). As for SONY Xperia  X Performance, it may not be listed in germany. SONY Xperia XA Amazon Germany, in simple terms, the SONY Xperia X configuration is slightly high, with 5 inches 1080p screen, equipped Xiaolong 650 processor, built-in 3GB memory; SONY Xperia XA uses 5 inches 720p screen, equipped with MediaTek MT6755 processor, built-in 2GB memory. SONY Xperia X said, when SONY two new machines released, there will be Dafa powder worried that the price must not be low. Now it seems, users really have foresight, more than 4000 yuan to start with SONY Xperia X, have the registration of it? 约4316元 索尼Xperia X德国开启预订   在本次MWC 2016大会上,索尼并没有推出我们所期待的索尼Z6,而是带来了新系列产品索尼Xperia X XA XA Performance。和三星、LG一样,索尼也没有在发布会上给出三款新机的价格,但很快就有了消息。 索尼Xperia X德国亚马逊开订   据外媒报道,索尼Xperia X和索尼XA已经在德国亚马逊接受预订,标价分别为599欧元(约合4316元)和299欧元(约2153元)。至于索尼Xperia X Performance,该机可能并不会在德国上市。 索尼Xperia XA德国亚马逊开订   简单来讲,索尼Xperia X配置稍高,采用5英寸1080p屏幕,搭载骁龙650处理器,内置3GB运存;索尼Xperia XA则采用5英寸720p屏幕,搭载联发科MT6755处理器,内置2GB运存。 索尼Xperia X   话说,当初索尼这两款新机发布的时候就有大法粉担心售价一定不低。如今看来,网友果然有先见之明,4000多元入手索尼Xperia X,有报名的吗?相关的主题文章:

Ken beans have so many bags, only these private goods are always not greasy 如果再回到从前原唱

Ken bean has so many bags, only these private goods forever never boring: lead every month every month to pursue this brand of new bags, every shop must be maxed out card, credit card constantly through capital, work is to repay money. Even the noble family is also playing a nostalgic, don’t mm do not keep up with the trend? There must be the pursuit of fashion, but not out of nostalgia ~ (source: female beauty network) 1 to 1 bags of beans in possession of gold sister back Givenchy (Givenchy) bag beans on the street to Givenchy (Givenchy) the love I see a lot of fans know, whether it is a large bag, bag bag is basically his home! This fur bag is also the heart of Ken bean recently! Jin Mei Street pat fur bag, fluffy texture is particularly soft, whether touching or looking far, people have a warm illusion. The combination of long coat, fur bag, street pat, long coat and fur bag, the collocation of neutral and handsome bean adds a trace of lady’s wind, so, the temperament is not only reflected from clothes, but also can be bag! Take the black bag sister Kim Street black bag play a very good all-match function, it seems a bag around the world is willing to bean declaration! Fur bag with jeans shorts, street pat even wear casual, fur bag collocation is also wooden problem ~ wear casual to shopping can also take oh! Ken NYC shopping street in soy beans in the Ken NYC shopping street, wearing the most classic black and red, with a fur bags, all the black single product more sense of hierarchy. This navigation 2 bags 2 Ken Ken beans possession of bean beans the photos to the black bag exposure rate is very high, even wearing a black dress this OL mini black package has been duly completed! Collocation small street wear fur fluffy fluffy fur to match the black bag wood is also a problem ah! The feeling of Ken bean comes out and appears to be decent. Even if you just go out and exercise, there’s something wrong with it! 3 to 3 bags of beans take possession of gold sister Givenchy (Givenchy) bag street or Givenchy (Givenchy) bag, and a black. The highest rate of exposure is the black bag, and it’s also true! All-match black who does not love it? Givenchy (Givenchy) sweater sweater collocation stylish casual collocation collocation is no problem, even no problem, mainly in light grey Ken bean body with black neutral collocation, small bags of embellishment, so that the whole collocation is important, not float! Givenchy (Givenchy) plus a practical warm fur fur wear collocation also contracted outside, pay attention to the black bean bag also willing to wear fur Oh ~ sport suit collocation Givenchy (Givenchy) black bag sport suit black body with bags, Maomao to let the whole outfit not drab Ken, the choice of beans very wise! 4 to 4 bags of beans in possession of sister Kim Ji hang with medium

肯豆有那么多包包 唯有这几款私房货永远背不腻   导语:每年每月都追捧这某个牌子的新款包包,每次逛专卖店必定刷爆卡,信用卡不断的透资打工就是为了还钱。连名门望族也玩起了念旧,难道mm们不跟上潮流吗?追求时尚一定有,但念旧情怀不能失~(来源:爱美女性网)   1 肯豆私藏包包1号 金小妹背纪梵希(Givenchy)包包街拍   肯豆对纪梵希(Givenchy)的热爱我看很多粉丝都知道的,无论是大包包、小包包基本是他家的!这个皮草包也是肯豆最近的心头好啊! 金小妹街拍   皮草包毛茸茸的质地显得格外的柔软,无论是摸着还是远远地看着,都让人有一种保暖的错觉。 长款大衣搭配皮草包包街拍   长款大衣与皮草包的搭配,肯豆中性帅气的搭配更添一丝贵妇风,所以说嘛,气质不单单从衣服上体现出来,包包也是可以的噢! 金小妹拿黑色包包街拍   黑色的包包发挥很好的百搭功能,看来一个包包走遍天下也是肯豆的宣言吧! 皮草包包搭配牛仔短裤街拍   就算穿得再随意,皮草包包搭配也是木有问题的~穿得休闲一点去shopping也是可以带上的噢! 肯豆在NYC逛街街拍   肯豆在NYC逛街的街拍,穿上最经典的黑红配,带上一个皮草包包,全身上下的黑色单品更显层次感。 本文导航   2 肯豆私藏包包2号 肯豆街拍照   肯豆的这款小黑包曝光率也是非常的高,就算只穿一条黑裙搭上这个OL的mini小黑包已经妥妥的! 搭配蓬松小皮草街拍   穿上蓬松的皮草来配搭小黑包也是木有问题啊!肯豆穿搭出来的感觉随意得来又显得得体,就算只是出去运健身也木有问题啊!   3 肯豆私藏包包3号 金小妹拿纪梵希(Givenchy)包包街拍   还是纪梵希(Givenchy)的包包,又是一个黑的。肯豆街拍曝光率最高的包包就是黑色包包了,也对!百搭的黑色有谁不喜欢的呢? 纪梵希(Givenchy)搭配运动衫也时髦   运动衫搭配没问题,休闲装搭配就更没有问题了,肯豆全身以浅灰的中性搭配为主,用黑色的小包包点缀,让整个搭配有轻重之分,不会飘! 纪梵希(Givenchy)搭配皮草外头   简约的穿搭加上实用的皮草保暖,同时还会留意到肯豆的小黑包也同样的穿上了皮草噢~ 运动套装搭配纪梵希(Givenchy)黑色包包   全身黑色的运动套装配上包包,毛毛球来让整个穿搭不显单调,肯豆的选择太明智了!   4 肯豆私藏包包4号 金小妹拿中号纪梵希(Givenchy)包包亮相   不亏是纪梵希(Givenchy)的忠实粉丝,怎么出行都不离手的黑包,无论是大size还是小size,肯豆都没有放过! 金小妹拿纪梵希(Givenchy)包包机场街拍   如果出去公干几天,选择大size的黑包绝对占优势。日常化妆品往里面塞,充电器啊,ipad啊都往里面塞!上飞机就没有问题啊! 本文导航相关的主题文章: