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Car rear end large cargo drivers trapped in the eastern city of Victoria – burst blocking Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Qipeng) yesterday morning, East Fourth Ring Dajiaoting bridge north to south of the main road traffic accident, a white car rear end of a flatbed trailer, occupy two lanes. Accident caused by the East Fourth Ring Road congestion, the team a few kilometers away. Until noon yesterday, the accident was cleared. Yesterday morning, the traffic police on the road to break open the incident. The reporter saw, is located on the rear trailer outside lane, there are two Taiwan shipping harvester. Because of the severe impact, one of two harvesters have been tilted to the ground, and the other half is still hanging in the car. While the white car front has been severely deformed, the cab car almost folded, leaving two long brake marks, parts scattered on the ground. "All over the floor is a gear. It’s not too light." A witness said. According to the trailer driver said the accident occurred at four or five in the morning, when he was normal driving. Trailer driver said he himself was not injured in the accident, but the car was not damaged two harvesters. While the tanker driver situation is not very optimistic, he was trapped in the deformation of the cab, firefighters rescue to save him. Subsequently, emergency personnel rushed to the hospital. Accident vehicles and two harvesters have been cleared out of the scene. Accidents occupy two lanes, resulting in slow road traffic. A car owner told reporters that he passed around 6:10 in the morning, when the vehicle was only a few vehicles, but he also spent a few minutes before. Because yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival, more and more vehicles travel speed, vehicle traffic is more and more slow, the vehicle queue once arranged to the red scarf bridge. Yesterday morning, when the crane on the scene to clean up, in order to ensure safety, traffic police to take a temporary break measures, and gradually release the two lanes for vehicular traffic. Close to yesterday afternoon, with the last one was cleared away, the traffic was gradually restored. J219相关的主题文章: