Canteen staff to wash underwear with rice pots were dismissed by the Arbitration Commission dismissa sayu-02

The dishes wash underwear canteen staff dismissal Arbitration Commission: expel illegal Sohu news Legal Evening News (reporter Tang Lihan) was reported in the canteen staff xiaomou company canteen vegetable washing basin cleaning period underwear, was expelled from the company. The company does not provide the basis for the system entrusted with the company identified by the illegal termination of labor contract law department, ruling the company to pay liquidated damages xiaomou. The company refused to accept the xiaomou prosecution to the court. This morning, the case in Tongzhou court hearing. On the court, xiaomou admitted that he did useful vegetable washing basin wash wash underwear, but not menstrual underwear. "My behavior is a bad thing, but it is not a serious violation of discipline." The company sued for arbitration against the ruling of the events of May 20, 2016 after being expelled from Beijing, a technology company received leadership staff report, in January 13, 2016, the company canteen canteen staff xiaomou with vegetable washing basin cleaning period underwear. After the company, the person responsible for the canteen staff confirmed evidence, xiaomou approved. Beijing science and Technology Co., the company said, after the incident, causing adverse effects in the company, the number of employees for it to the hospital for physical examination, wrote a joint letter demanding a thorough investigation of the matter and expelled xiaomou dozens of employees. The company cafeteria for more than and 10 days no one meal, can only temporarily affect the company for employees to make up for the xiaomou caused by ordering. The company believes that xiaomou worked in the cafeteria for many years, standardize the operation of food hygiene personnel should be aware of their behavior, beyond the ordinary people to understand the scope of. In view of the above reasons, the leadership of the company in order to avoid greater events, the xiaomou dismissed. In the course of arbitration, the arbitration institution entrusted with the company does not provide the basis identified by the company to terminate the labor contract system of illegal termination. The arbitration committee ruling during xiaomou company to pay compensation for unlawful termination of labor contracts 7 yuan and May 26, 2016 to June 7th salary of 672.18 yuan. The company refused to accept the arbitration award, the xiaomou sued to the court, requesting the court, without payment of the liquidated damages and wages. Admission is not a serious violation of mediation companies pay 40 thousand compensation at 9 in the morning, I xiaomou and their lawyers came to the court case. Shaw is 37 years old this year, according to the said in her 2006 9 month post of the plaintiff company, as the canteen staff, in the company cafeteria work for nearly 10 years, the food safety regulations, xiaomou said is not clear, the company has no training. "I did use the basin to wash my underwear that day, but it didn’t happen very often." The evidence showed that the washing period xiaomou admitted their underwear in writing and signed book review. In this regard, xiaomou said, she is by the Ministry of personnel into the company’s staff will, he let me write a review book, said to admit a mistake, the company immediately let me return to work." The company said that the company is expelled from the xiaomou workers congress resolution has been carried out by the announcement and, in violation of the "xiaomou company regulations, code of conduct and regulations on labor management, is a serious violation of discipline behavior of Han相关的主题文章: