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Can’t play with mobile phones in winter? Don’t want to break your mobile phone must first know the Sohu technology is now a day than a cold winter, feeling more and more obvious. However, whether you are in the north or Snow gleams white., in four seasons such as spring south, believe that will continue as in the past to play mobile phone. However, even if you do not know the basic knowledge of winter, play mobile phone may not cool, and may even put mobile phone again. 1, the temperature is too low will make your phone automatically shut down, try not to freeze it, whether it is iPhone or other mobile phones have been frozen off experience. This is the self protection mechanism of the phone, because the lithium battery needs a suitable working temperature, too high or too low is not good. If it is too low, especially when the temperature reached 10 degrees below zero, the capacity of the lithium battery will be significantly reduced, or even unable to discharge, then the phone will automatically shut down. In general, temperature recovery after the mobile phone will automatically boot, but often happens, will have an impact on battery life, so, ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) suggest you please try not to let your mobile phone is too cold. 2, if your phone is really cold shut down, do not quickly pick up the phone was accidentally frozen automatically shut down? A lot of people eager to use the mobile phone in order to put the electric heater and other local temperature is too high for its recovery. This is a great risk. Let the mobile phone contact high temperature object had a lot of problems, more important is to do so in the winter may occur "fog", is the water inside the mobile phone, once the boot may be short, direct game over. If it is frozen off, ray technology (WeChat ID:leitech) suggested that you still let it automatically pick up. 3, away from the fire source, not just for the mobile phone is more secure for personal safety in winter, many buddy will have "fire" habits, space heaters will go to the rural home, if there might be a fire, kang. At this time it is necessary to be very careful, as much as possible to their own cell phone, to avoid it in a long-term high temperature environment, but also to avoid it into the fire, such as the stove. Otherwise, not only will affect the life of your mobile phone or even directly damaged, may also occur similar to this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 door explosion tragedy! 4, beware of static electricity, will affect the sensitivity of your phone’s touch screen failure or even failure of the winter is very dry, static everywhere, and even the body itself will bring static electricity, which will make the phone’s capacitive screen failure. If you encounter such a situation, more than a few times to eliminate static friction screen, you can use the normal. 5, gloves mode, so you can comfortably use mobile phone a lot of cold region buddy in winter, winter must wear gloves. However, after wearing gloves can not touch the phone how to do? One way is to buyers with a hole in the finger gloves, which can use the Touch ID fingerprint recognition can touch. The second way is to buy a special cell phone gloves, finger part of the conductive fiber, but the fingerprint can not be used. There are many other people do not know the trick is that some mobile phone support gloves.相关的主题文章: