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Can scientists start a business? | venture capital investors

_ Sina News Author: Lu Bai today more and more China scientists, including a senior scientists began to enter the ranks of entrepreneurs. Some people ask: do poineering work the tuyere of the scientist already come? This problem can not simply answer yes or no. As an angle of view, how to build the ecological environment of China’s high-tech entrepreneurship. Continuously improve the high-tech entrepreneurial ecology from the larger environment, first of all countries have been deeply aware of the past by the huge market, relying on cheap labor, rely on the advantage of 30 years of reform and opening up policy dividend accumulation, is gradually losing. China is becoming the second largest country in the world, and we must rely on science and technology to become a powerful nation. Therefore, the state policy, the capital investment to support the development of high-tech. Secondly, China has taken a very strong measures to attract talent, a large number of returnees, especially the younger generation of returnees, high-tech development to bring a strong push for talent. Due to the improvement of the level of talent and capital investment, China’s scientific research level has been greatly improved, in some areas have done quite well. Original research is the driving force of high-tech industry. Third, capital is a necessary factor in promoting the development of high technology, Chinese investment field has a considerable accumulation, has become mature gradually and become less suicide, became interested in the high-tech. Fourth, China local government made a considerable effort to have a variety of policy, capital and resources, flexible talent introduction plan, and high-tech parks, incubators and so on, also promote the development of high-tech industry China. There is one of the important factors is mentioned, multinational companies in China established a number of research and development center, they bring the rigor of high-tech venture required and advanced management and culture, and also the introduction of a large number of trained personnel, in a sense to promote high-tech development in china. In addition, China’s research outsourcing industry (CRO) has developed rapidly in recent years, has reached a high level. This reduces the threshold for high-tech entrepreneurship: do not need to do anything. On the whole, these five aspects constitute the high-tech entrepreneurial ecology in China today. At the same time, "the government to promote innovation, public business, and in recent years gradually formed the entrepreneurial spirit (innovative, pragmatic, willing to risk, execution) makes some people think that Israel and the United States, China is one of the few in the world is more suitable for the hi tech industry of the country. Scientists are suitable for high-tech entrepreneurship can not be separated from the people, which is an important subject of scientists. How do scientists think about entrepreneurship? Is it that China has reached the point of technology? I think that can not be generalized to specific analysis. Some of the industry’s science and technology may have reached a breaking point, and some are brewing process, and even some immature, so in general it is difficult to say whether the general Chinese to a technical flashpoint. Specific to biotechnology相关的主题文章: