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Can rural reconstruction? – Reading – People’s original title: can the local reconstruction? Zhang Guansheng’s "local reconstruction" is Mr. Fei’s academic peak of a wide range of writings. The author is very deep in the book. From the point of motivation, that is to be discussed in Chinese from weak to destitute of revival and prosperity fundamental ideas; from the directory, discussed the following topic — the rural town?? will the city / town / city?? not collapse but the basic administrative paralysis / rigid / on the political track / corrosion damage under irrigation the local people’s well-being of the class / level / landlord / face the test of modern industrial technology to the countryside and disperse in villages in the small factory / industrial / local new type self reliant Reconstruction Capital / savings guarantee / China social cultural reasons moved in days! This is the first published in nearly seventy years ago, even in the current China discuss current problems. Want to understand the "local reconstruction", or look at the damage process of local society. Mr. Fei said: "no one to China village to observe people are very easy to see the farmers how to grow out of the land, after the man once after applying carefully back to the earth to go. Human life does not come from the plunder of fertility, but the organic part of circulation. Even when life leave the body, the body was laid to rest, was born in what place, what place to go back to." After a considerable period of time, this cycle of breeding of a text emotion, their friendship, the formation of the traditional home. Overseas Chinese across thousands of miles, Zizhu savings were sent home after death to be home for burial. Mr. fee a father, was sent to Yunnan after an official, died in office for malaria. His brother is the coffin home, give up their own future years through hardships, finally. Mr. Fei said that the matter would think there is no need in modern culture, but in the Fibonacci tree as the cause of write a great deal about, the greatest one. The long history, literati and officials from the countryside, more is a living is home. Or stepping down, or resign and return, or disgraced and back, the same thing, more of his hometown, G.D. has been. This group continues to maintain the local governance and development of human resources for rural society. This kind of character, even jump up Longmen, social status, and rarely forget about the village. Not only does not damage the loss Xiang vitality, feel more responsibility, maintain the rural elder well-being, prosperity later required reserves. London Road, bridge building, school interest litigation…… Without exception. "There are always one to have a famous figure, the so-called open atmosphere, then there will be a considerable period, talented people. Cycle training, fill. Not from the grassroots talent, Chinese culture can also make people deeply, plentiful haokuo." This is a piece of text in "local reconstruction". Mr. Fei was born in such an environment, grandparents and parents are also very familiar with this figure, but he prefers to speak with the facts. To this end, he studies and mentor Mr. Pan Guangdan, the statistics and analysis of the 915 Qing Dynasty, Jinshi origin and native tree, the results are: 52.50)相关的主题文章: