Campus net loan risk prevention need also need financial education — Perspective —

"Campus net loan risk prevention need also need financial education – View – August, Chongqing Junior when online loans totaled more than 100 thousand yuan, due to inability to repay debt, forced to sleep in the park. Fujian sophomore students in two years in two years through the network lending platform loans 300 thousand…… In addition, the Internet has also appeared on the streets of college students astronomical bill for help, college freshmen have not spent more than ten million school events. A survey shows that 85.4% of college students constitute a potential demand for financial education. (September 8th Nanfang Daily) crazy campus net loan not only affect the normal college students, but also to some families burdened with heavy debt. The name of "Internet plus financial" banner, but doing "usury" activities of the loan network, driven by interests, college students will be "evil hand toward the fragile. In some universities, the network advertisement can get in by every opening of loans. The network loan advertisement enlarged its explicit positive function, but avoided its recessive negative function. Network loans can help college students to solve the financial problems, but it will also allow the ability to repay the college students into a series of loan risk zone. Along with the materialism, consumerism and gastronomy, errors in students easy access to conspicuous consumption and enjoyment consumption; when it is difficult to get the banks and other financial institutions under the pattern of social support network, loans to provide a channel for college students irrational consumption. Network loan companies do not know the lack of college students owing on the loan ability, but also as a key customer base for college students, is it stupid money? Deliberately dig the pit for college students, so that college students into a commercial trap, is the real intention of the network loan company. College students as a family’s hope, even if it is difficult to repay the loan, you can also be tied to a family in the repayment plan. What’s more, the network lending company has long been the principal, they are more concerned about the high interest returns. If students can not repay on time, the barbaric growth of the network lending company, will take some violent means to force students to some college students; in order to get rid of difficulties, not everywhere debt, and even the use of foreign body in the deception, but still difficult to get out. Before borrowing money, it is an angel; after borrowing money, it is the devil. Unfortunately, this truth is too late for many college students. Those who like ahead of consumption, excessive consumption of college students in a short time to enjoy the convenience of online loans, for their own reckless and confused to pay a heavy or even painful price. The students as "shake Qian Shu" to lure them "hooked"; once qingjunruweng, students will become the "lamb to be slaughtered in the university campus, is not a lack of telecommunications fraud prevention and safety education of campus network" loan ", but still there are some students cheated, why? The lack of financial education, let some students difficult to resist the temptation and desire, eventually "pirate ship". As a kind of game between people and capital, financial management is full of uncertain factors and risks. The human capital and social capital of college students are relatively scarce, and they are in a weak position in the interests of the game structure, lack of risk prevention ability; if rash,相关的主题文章: