Cai Zhenhua governor Warring States had plans to go straight to the hotel to mobilize (video)

Governor Cai Zhenhua plans to early Warring States foot straight to the hotel to mobilize [information] Cai Zhenhua duzhan the provisional decision for the Orangemen to cheer the negative sweep in October 10 Ritashengan sports Tencent Syria haze (Zhao Yu Zeng Xiao) late today, football association president Cai Zhenhua will arrive in Uzbekistan the capital city of Tashkent, the fourth World Cup officially duzhan national football. Before there have been news that Cai Zhenhua will come to supervise, but the team made it clear that Cai Zhenhua hasn’t started training as determined from the will to Uzbekistan duzhan, never heard of him not to news. National football team in Xi’an against Syria, Cai Zhenhua and the Football Association vice president of the United States together in the stands on the emergence of the team in the fight against the. Although the team lost the game, but Cai Zhenhua went to the team after the game to stay at the hotel, the use of dinner time to communicate with the players, encouraging them to play the following game. Cai Zhenhua, governor of the Warring States after the early plan to adjust the team in Xi’an one day after the second day charter flight arrived in Tashkent, Cai Zhenhua did not follow the team together. After the team came to Tashkent, the news said that Cai Zhenhua would not come here to supervise. But the news did not explain the reasons, but it is clear that Cai Zhenhua is not coming. For the news, the team is also very puzzled, because the team has not started the training, Cai Zhenhua has been determined to come away to supervise, and never change the news. Cai Zhenhua will arrive in Tashkent at around seven tonight and then go straight to the hotel. Dinner time, Cai Zhenhua will also be a simple communication with the players, which is also a mobilization. But the team will not open the conference, but in the simplest way to encourage players to play well with the Uzbekistan team in October 11th. Because the team lost to Syria before, so this game is very important. If you want to qualify for the world cup, then you can never lose away.相关的主题文章: