Cai Zhenhua affirmed the national coach team to support the work of Gao Hongbo (video)-roxane hayward

Cai Zhenhua affirmed the football coaching work support Gao Hongbo Orangemen continue preparing for Chinese fans on the sidelines watching Gao Hongbo China in Xi’an men’s soccer team lost to Syria, around the question sound team Paibingbuzhen game as one falls, another rises on the spot, and follow the flying around and China coach Gao Hongbo face class rumors. Under such an unfavorable situation, the Central Asian country foot expedition has 11 days to meet with the Uzbekistan team in the 12 match a battle with what kind of attitude, the depth test Chinese coach group and China football intelligence and effort. Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua local time tonight will fly to Tashkent, when the Orangemen and China football need a hand in hand, Cai Zhenhua on behalf of China FA stand in the team, as the generals sent to the support and encouragement. On the way home court and Syria lost the lackluster team after the game, China football once again deep crisis of confidence, but because the goalkeeper Gu Chao made up to direct low-level errors, plus Bianzhen effect is not ideal, coach Gao Hongbo in the military also met with some questioned even criticism. From the end of the game to the next game, the team arrived in Uzbekistan Tashkent, around a variety of rumors China team even negative rumors and even the media as one falls, another rises, Gao Hongbo face class analysis. Beijing Youth Daily reporter after the interview was informed that, so far, the Chinese Football Association did not change the specific plan of the Chinese coach. On the one hand, after the 3 round of the Chinese team after the game, ranked the top 12 teams A countdown to the last place, but because there are no remaining round of the war in the 7 round, so the team did not lose the opportunity to qualify for the second. On the other hand, since Gao Hongbo took over the team, the team in the spirit of the overall appearance of technical and tactical play a positive change. In Wuhan, Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua also through BYD reporters expressed full affirmation to the group led by coach Gao Hongbo and the China team atmosphere, think this team down very hard, he also confessed that China football is backward, or because the conditions around tactics, ability level lack of Chinese team can not rely on the slogan of "win". In Tashkent Chinese team, although some of the players, managers and occasionally still smiling, but from the team hotel banned reporters into other details, the team is suffering huge pressure, the heaviness of apparently not by preaching can get rid of. Then away with the group recognized favourites in team Uzbekistan, China team apparently can not be burdened to battle, they now in addition to the body to adjust, more still to do self psychological adjustment, and even help outside tolerance and understanding. When Gao Hongbo encountered Huanshuai rumors nuisance, China football does not swayed by the wind of public opinion. It is understood that, although recent official busy, but Cai Zhenhua decided to go to Tashkent today. A message is displayed, in Syria, after the game, Cai Zhenhua did not enter the dinner, which has also been regarded as Chinese signal some football coaching ". But that is not the case, you know this month 7 days in Xi’an Shaanxi football stadium, Chinese "Predators" almost all blush相关的主题文章: