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The International Bank of England, the Bank of America, kept its interest rate stable, the retail data dim, and yesterday evening, the Bank of England [micro-blog] announced the interest rate resolution, maintaining the benchmark interest rate at record lows of 0.25% unchanged, while maintaining the scale of asset purchase unchanged at 435 billion pounds, all in line with expectations. The bank said that the recent economic indicators better than expected, most of the members predicted that if the outlook is confirmed in August, there will be a cut interest rate during the year. Yesterday, the United States announced a number of important data, the United States in August retail sales fell by 0.3%, the first contraction in March this year, is expected to drop by 0.1%. U.S. retail sales in August were significantly less than expected, indicating that the cooling of domestic demand in the United States may further weaken the expected interest rate hike of the Federal Reserve in September. After the data release, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike rate in September dropped to 16% (before 22%). In addition, the data show that the United States in August industrial output fell by 0.4%, expected to drop by 0.2%, the former value increased from 0.7% to 0.6%. The number of jobless claims in the United States last week was 260 thousand, 80 weeks lower than the 300 thousand mark, which was the longest time since 1970, with an expected 265 thousand. After the British central bank’s interest rate resolution was announced yesterday, the pound sterling dropped more than 50 points, and then the exchange rate reversed, and all the losses were recovered. The 1 hour chart, the pound dollar yesterday out of the V type trend, the exchange rate fell below the earlier upward trend line is currently blocked in average 100 hours, and 1.3247 have been supported by conversion of resistance; average 200 hours, average 100 hours, average 50 hours are now hovering around 0 Sicha signal, MACD axis, RSI turned down to 52 days; if the dollar closed at 1.3218 (Bollinger band rail) below, the exchange rate expected further down to 1.3060 (at the end of August the formation of resistance), if the exchange rate closed at 1.3247, the upside target is 1.3337, 1.3359, 1.3438 (highest since July 15th). 15 minutes chart, pound sterling dollar station on the 200 moving average (5M), the market into the finishing mode, the exchange rate will be between 1.3218 and 1.3247 finishing, if broken 1.3247, will open the uplink space, if below 1.3218, will open the downside space. Figure 2 Euro dollar overnight, due to poor retail data in the United States, the euro dollar short-term higher than 40 points, then fell sharply, taking all the increase. The 1 hour chart, the euro dollar overnight data for the United States received a shooting star cross, the exchange rate at present sideways; average 50 hours, average 100 hours and 200 hours average exchange rate has been coupled, running at three on average, MACD in the 0 axis near RSI in steady near 50; yesterday’s shooting star cross or indicate the dollar fell market, if the exchange rate fell below three the average coupling position at present, is below the target level: 1.1198, 1.1182, 1.1141, 1.1128. Figure 35 minute chart, the euro dollar entered sideways,.

奇牛国际:英银如期利率维稳美零售数据暗淡   昨日晚间,英国央行[微博]公布利率决议,维持基准利率在纪录低位0.25%不变,同时维持资产购买规模在4350亿英镑不变,均符合预期。该行表示,近期经济指标好于预期,多数委员预计如果8月展望得到确认,年内还将有一次降息。   昨日晚间公布了美国诸多重要数据,美国8月零售销售环比降0.3%,为今年3月来首次收缩,预期降0.1%。美国8月零售销售大幅不及预期,表明美国国内需求降温,可能进一步削弱美联储9月加息预期。数据公布后,美联储9月加息概率下降至16%(此前为22%)。   另外数据显示,美国8月工业产出环比降0.4%,预期降0.2%,前值由增0.7%修正为增0.6%。美国上周初请失业金人数26万,连续80周低于30万大关,为1970年以来处于该关口下方时间最长的一次,预期26.5万。   英镑 美元   昨日英国央行利率决议公布后,英镑 美元大幅下挫50余点,随后,汇价扭转走升,收复所有跌幅。   1小时图 上,英镑 美元昨日走出V型走势,汇价稍早前跌破上行趋势线,目前在100小时均线处受阻,同时1.3247已由支撑转换为阻力;200小时均线、100小时均线、50小时均线均现死叉信号,MACD在0轴附近徘徊,RSI转向下行至52;日内,汇价若收于1.3218(布林带中轨)下方,汇价料进一步下行至1.3060(8月底形成的阻力位),若汇价收于1.3247,则上行目标位为1.3337、1.3359、1.3438(7月15日以来最高点)。 图1   5分钟图上,英镑 美元站上200均线(5M),市场进入整理模式,汇价料将在1.3218和1.3247之间整理,若上破1.3247,将打开上行空间,若跌破1.3218,则将打开下行空间。 图2   欧元 美元   隔夜,因美国零售数据不佳,欧元 美元短线冲高40余点,随后大幅回落,回吐所有升幅。   1小时图上,欧元 美元隔夜因美国数据收得一根射击十字星,汇价目前横盘整理;50小时均线、100小时均线和200小时均线已经耦合,汇价运行于三均线之上,MACD在0轴附近,RSI在持稳50附近;昨日的射击十字星或预示着汇价将出现大跌行情,若汇价跌破目前的三均线耦合位置,则下方目标位为:1.1198、1.1182、1.1141、1.1128。 图3   5分钟图上,欧元 美元进入横盘整理,所有均线均呈耦合状态,汇价不久将现趋势行情,欧元 美元之前冲高回落,因而,后市下行可能性更大。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: