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Health Would you like the confidence to be able to talk to anyone? I am going to tell you how to get it. Recently I just finished the 60 day Insanity Workout Program with my girlfriend. We are not really workout type people; we prefer a couch and potato chips to a treadmill and rice cakes. Working out is not something that we considered to be exciting or fun. In fact people who say what a thrill they get, the endorphins and such, make me sick. The only rush I get is I feel like I need to puke, lol. If you have never heard of Insanity before let me just tell you the name fits. We conquered Insanity and it made both of our confidence levels shoot through the roof. We had stretched the limits of what we thought was possible. Then we just sat back and rested. It drove me crazy because now I knew I had greatness in me, and I was doing nothing with it. It was quite frustrating actually to know that I had the power but wasn’t using it.When you get to this point there is a simple solution… Get back in the game fast! I went out at the beginning of this week and I joined a gym. I have been working out every day and I feel awesome. When you do something awesome in your life that is not the time to sit back, it is the time to push ahead. The longer you sit around doing nothing the more miserable you will be. Get to it, start now, don’t delay. You see when you have conquered something big your confidence is at the highest level it will ever be at. There is no better time to take on something scary. Use that confidence to spring forward to the next step of your development. Let this new found energy be a catalyst for your huge growth. It will either make you or break you. This technique is what I call the "spring-forward" method. So it is easy, if you want confidence push yourself to conquer something tough. Stick to it and make it all the way through. When you have reached the goal, do not stop, spring forward to your next huge, insane, impossible goal. Then when you .plete that one, guess what? Do it all over again, spring forward! About the Author: Revealed and you will get the course for free. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: