Brother and sister five different video live over the Mid Autumn Festival to the mobile phone

Brother and sister five different video live over the Mid Autumn Festival to the mobile phone Reunion (Figure) – Northeast network September 19th hearing to eat a reunion dinner, happy to have a festival, which is the holiday in many families the most common thing. Can Daqing Wang Dongfeng Village, but in their own home, a full harvest moved. The father and his brothers and sisters, because separated more, it is difficult to get together, the Mid Autumn Festival, but siblings a few people organized a special meeting, five common WeChat video, everyone at the mobile phone, a good drink. Mid Autumn Festival night, Ms. Wang’s father to the video with their loved ones to drink. Field daughter mailing moon cake home in Jixi, Ms. Wang, has been living in Daqing for 8 years. Far away from their parents, only a year or New Year holiday vacation, in order to return home once. This mid autumn festival, Ms. Wang still can not be accompanied by their parents, the elderly do not fear the festive atmosphere, Ms. Wang specifically to buy moon cake courier home. Holidays can not accompany their parents to eat a reunion dinner, Ms. Wang is very guilty, but fortunately the information is more developed, Ms. Wang a phone, you can know what parents do. On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, Ms. Wang called his father, but his father just and she hurried to chat a few words, hung up the phone. The father said that the evening and Ms. Wang’s uncle, aunt, uncle together to drink, he had to prepare. Ms. Wang wondered, father of 5 siblings, uncle in Beijing, his father in Jixi, two uncle aunt in Harbin, one in Shenzhen, one in Changchun, everyone have their own families living in different places, Ms. Wang also heard of who wants to come home for the holidays. Father hastily hung up the phone, let Ms. Wang confused. Ms. Wang immediately called my mother and went to the phone, the phone said the mother, father to drink a video, is busy preparing for charging the mobile phone,. Brother and sister Video Festival reunion originally, Ms. Wang has a family of WeChat group, Ms. Wang old uncle agreed in the group, the brothers and sisters five people at 9 in the evening to open the video, we drink together holiday. Video can be heard to drink, everybody is very interested in, so that my father began to work again. Originally, the father said to drink, drink across the phone. In the evening, when his father video drink, Ms. Wang specifically asked mother to take a few photos. Ms. Wang said, in the evening, my father and my siblings to drink more than 11 points, a few people drink, wine what is not delayed, but not in a table outside the atmosphere wasn’t affected, the father is very happy, drink a few cups. Ms. Wang told reporters, saw her mother sent her photos, a lot of emotion. My father is 56 years old this year, Uncle Ye are also married, but their feelings have been very good, in the Mid Autumn Festival video drink, so the family moved her very much. Children should be accompanied by their parents Ms. Wang said, to see the photos of his father and relatives to drink, she was happy, but also guilty, feel that their parents do too little. Moon cake can be mailed, drinking can also video, but the elderly most want, or their children around. Ms. Wang told reporters that no matter how many days off next year, holidays, she would have to return to their parents. She wants more children, too相关的主题文章: